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Listing 17.6 A movement reporter that could be applied as a program controller
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ular operating system. As mentioned previously, the JavaFX Production Suite does hold some benefits for users of certain well-known products. In this section we ll list those benefits. If you are lucky enough to own Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Illustrator CS3, or you re working with someone who uses them, you ll be happy to know that the JavaFX Production Suite comes with plug-ins for these applications to save directly to FXZ (no need for external tools, like the SVG Converter). Obviously you need to install the Production Suite on the computer running Photoshop or Illustrator, and make sure there s an up-to-date JRE on there too, but you don t need to install the full JavaFX SDK. Just as we saw with our SVG files, layers and sublayers in graphics created with these products can be prefixed with jfx: to preserve them in the FXD definition written into the FXZ file. Fonts, bitmaps, and other supporting data will also be included in the FXZ. The good news isn t confined to designers; programmers using NetBeans also have an extra little tool included in the Production Suite. The UI Stub Generator is a convenience tool for NetBeans users to create JavaFX Script wrappers from FXZ files. Pointing the tool at any FXZ file results in a source code file being generated that extends javafx.fxd.FXDNode. Each exposed node in the FXZ (the ones with jfx: prefixes in the original image) is given a variable in the class, so it can be accessed easily. An update() method is written to do all the heavy lifting of populating the variables with successive calls to getNode(). Once the file is generated, NetBeans users can compile this class into their project and use it in preference to explicit getNode() calls. The UI Stub Generator helps to keep your source files clean from the mechanics of reading FXD data; however, once the source code has been generated you may feel the need to edit it. The tool assumes everything is a Node, so if you plan on addressing a given part of the scene graph by its true form (for example, a Text node), you ll need to change the variable s type and add a cast to the relevant getNode() line. All of these tools are fully documented in the help files that come bundled with the JavaFX Production Suite.
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Listing 5.6
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started Raised as soon as the play method is invoked on the animation
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5: .NET Assemblies
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Because of its importance to the social web, we re going to pay some additional attention to JSON, using the TouchJSON library.
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Local transactions are the most Start common type of transaction, and Commit Application DB2 are really the minimum you End should use on any project involving a relational database. Even Figure 7.1 Local transaction scope automatic transactions, as discussed in the previous section, are a less verbose form of local transaction. A local transaction is one that is contained within a single application and involves a resource, such as a relational database, that is capable of only a single transaction. Figure 7.1 depicts this. Local transactions are configured in the iBATIS SQL Map configuration XML file as a JDBC transaction manager. Listing 7.2 shows how the transaction manager configuration might read.
Figure A.11 Create a new update site to search for Android-related tools.
C.7 Really fat client
Listing 20.15 Site structure in a well-formed object model
With this configuration file, Hibernate looks up database connections in JNDI using the name java:/MyDatasource. When you configure your application server and deploy your application, or when you configure your stand-alone JTA provider, this is the name to which you should bind the managed datasource. Note that a dialect setting is still required for Hibernate to produce the correct SQL.
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