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Generating QR-Code in Java The current solution and its challenges

When called up, Xcode displays just one window. Figure 11.1 shows what it looks like for our first example project, helloworldxc. As you can see in figure 11.1, Xcode s main project window includes three parts. Off to the left is a sidebar that contains a listing of all the files that are being used in your project, organized by type. Whenever you need to add frameworks, images, databases, or other files to your projects, you ll do so here. The left pane also contains some other useful elements, in particular an Errors and Warnings item that you can click open to quickly see any problems in your compilation. The top-right pane contains an ungrouped list of files used by your project. When you click on one of those, its contents will appear in the bottom-right pane. As you can see, even the simplest program will include over a half-dozen files. Table 11.1 summarizes what each is.
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<add name="PHP with FastCGI" path="*.php" verb="*" modules="FastCgiModule" scriptProcessor="%RoleRoot%\php\php-cgi.exe" resourceType="Unspecified" />
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Other Xcode functionality
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Figure 7.3 The response from the server during an asynchronous postback includes uniquely formatted text that is parsed by the PageRequestManager in the browser to apply the partial-page updates.
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The File Menu
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and prefixed with ! to prevent the wiki engine from interpreting the CamelCased name as a link to another page. The columns are defined between the | bars. The column values will be mapped to the test fixture class properties, one line after another, one each time. After you enter the test information into the wiki page, click the Save button. The test page looks like figure 7.17. You can easily switch back to edit mode using the side toolbar. At the top of this toolbar is a Test button that launches the test runner to perform the wiki-defined test. Click Test; the output is shown in figure 7.18. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to acceptance tests with FitNesse. It isn t easy to involve domain experts in the testing like this. It s even harder to involve the customer. But it s certainly worth trying. This is the best way to get the people with the best domain knowledge as close to development as possible. To deepen your FitNesse knowledge, Gojko Adzic has a great book about FitNesse, Test Driven .NET Development with FitNesse. If you want to extend your test repertoire, look at it. We ll deal now with something more important to us: FitNesse integration into your CI process.
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<project name="splash" default="main"> <target name="init"> <splash imageurl="" showduration="5000"/> <sleep seconds="1"/> <sleep seconds="1"/> <sleep seconds="1"/> <sleep seconds="1"/> <sleep seconds="1"/> <sleep seconds="1"/> </target> <target name="main" depends="init"/> </project>
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Code reuse An abstract base class can be built that contains a lot of common logic, but by itself is incomplete. The subclasses that extend the base class can complete the functionality while reusing the common features of the base class. The result is that you can have a number of implementations of a feature without rewriting or duplicating the common aspects. Enhancement and specialization Sometimes you might decide to extend a class to add more useful features. This is a common reason to extend collection classes. For example, one might decide to extend the ArrayList class to only support Strings called StringArray. New features could then be added, such as features for searching based on a regular expression. Common interface Although using an actual interface instead of an abstract class might be a better choice here, it is possible to use a base class as a common interface in a framework or some other sort of pluggable system.
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2.5.1 Connecting Hibernate
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Now we have our first AspectJ-based solution for transaction management. This solution works fine if you have only one subaspect of JDBCTransactionAspect. However, if you need to use multiple subaspects to separately specify operations that require transaction support, you may have to enhance this solution, as we describe next.
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class Handler { Handler next; int id; public int Limit {get; set;} public Handler (int id, Handler handler) { = id; Limit = id*1000; next = handler; } public string HandleRequest(int data) { if (data < Limit) return "Request for " +data+" handled at level "+id; else if (next!=null) return next.HandleRequest(data); else return ("Request for " +data+" handled BY DEFAULT at level "+id); } } static void Main ( ) { Handler start = null; for (int i=5; i>0; i--) { Console.WriteLine("Handler "+i+" deals up to a limit of "+i*1000); start = new Handler(i, start); } int [] a = {50,2000,1500,10000,175,4500}; foreach (int i in a)
Figure 1.15 The Google Maps home page offers a scrolling window on a zoomable map of the United States, alongside the familiar Google search bar. Note that the zoom control is positioned on top of the map rather than next to it, allowing the user to zoom without taking his eyes off the map.
This example isn t too exciting because it only localizes the heading variable to the heading class property. This is useful because you can now use the heading in other places in the code. The two most important properties of this heading variable are magneticHeading and trueHeading. These variables are of the type CLLocationDirection, which is a typedef double. This value ranges from 0 to 360 degrees. A reading of 0 degrees means the device is pointing north, 90 means east, 180 south, and 270 west. If this value is ever negative, that means it s invalid. Although the compass is a simple addition, it offers much power and flexibility within your applications. The addition has allowed for development of interesting apps, including navigation systems, augmented reality apps, and many others that depend on the user s orientation.
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