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The JNDI lookup is identical whether you re using EJB 2 or EJB 3. Using the EJB 3 JPA from EJB 2 You can use either a container- or an application-managed EntityManager in your EJB 2 beans. Assume that ActionBazaar migrated only the persistence tier to JPA. To use the container-managed EntityManager from an EJB 2 bean, you d define the persistence-context-ref for the EJB 2 bean as follows:
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for (my $y = 0; $y < $height; $y++) { for (my $x = 0; $x < $width; $x++) {
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lukeall.jar Contains Luke, Lucene, Rhino JavaScript, plug-ins, and additional analyzers. This JAR has no external dependencies. Run it with java -jar lukeall.jar.
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public static explicit operator int(Fraction theFraction) { Console.WriteLine("Explicitly converting Fraction to int"); return theFraction.numerator / theFraction.denominator; }
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FullTextSession ftSession = session ); ... session.close();
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26.4 Testing model binders
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The persistence context after this call is shown graphically in figure 13.3. Other lazy mapped associations and collections (the bidder of each Bid instance, for example) are again uninitialized and are loaded as soon as you access them. Imagine that you close the persistence context after loading an Item. You can now navigate, in detached state, to the seller of the Item and iterate through all the bids for that Item. If you navigate to the categories this Item is assigned to, you get a LazyInitializationException! Obviously, this collection
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This query needs a WHERE clause. The parameter in the WHERE clause needs to come from the Session object. ASP.NET actually makes this really easy under some circumstances but not these circumstances, as we will now describe. You saw previously in Example 10-8 the use of the <SelectParameters> element of the SqlDataSource, reproduced here, with a parameter based on the value of another control on the page:
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CFHost allows your program to request information about an internet host, such as its
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Supporting Raw Printing
words, the application will start sending data to the client almost immediately instead of pulling all data into memory first.
import org.junit.Test; /** * Tests to ensure that the business methods of the EncryptionEJB * are working as expected * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> */ public class EncryptionUnitTestCase extends EncryptionTestCaseSupport { // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Class Members -------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Logger */ private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(EncryptionUnitTestCase. class); /** * POJO Encryption Service */ private static EncryptionBean encryptionService; // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Lifecycle -----------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Initializes the suite, invoked once before any tests are run */ @BeforeClass public static void initialize() throws Throwable { // Create the encryption service as a POJO encryptionService = new EncryptionBean(); encryptionService.initialize(); // We call init manually here } // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Tests ---------------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* * These tests will use the POJO set up in test initialization */ /** * @see {@link EncryptionTestCaseSupport#assertHashing(EncryptionCommon Business)} */ @Test public void testHashing() throws Throwable {
Add a new page, Login.aspx. Check both checkboxes: Place code in separate file and Select master page. When the Master Page dialog comes up, select MasterPage. master. Add several other new pages: Home.aspx, Products.aspx, Cart.aspx, Purchase.aspx, and Confirm.aspx. For each of these, select the same master page. Set Home.aspx to be the startup page. Open MasterPage.master. Add a style statement to the <head> element to import the style sheet, as in the highlighted line in the following snippet:
' ----- These two lines (probably) place the same ' calculated result in theAnswer. theAnswer = 2 * 5 theAnswer = DoubleIt(5)
originalFine = CDec(dbInfo!Fine) RecordFine.Text = Format(originalFine, "Currency") RecordPayments.Text = Format(CDec(dbInfo!Paid), "Currency") balanceDue = originalFine - CDec(dbInfo!Paid) RecordBalance.Text = Format(balanceDue, "Currency")
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