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That is it: twenty-eight seconds to build and deploy. Admittedly, we had just built and deployed to the local system, but we do now have an automated deployment process. As a finale, we write a target to deploy to both servers one after the other:
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The simple form declared in listing 8.7 consists of two text boxes. With a little imagination, you can think of it as a simplified version of a more complex form used for collecting user data. Note that the pageInit function which handles the init event of the Application object includes two $create statements. Each statement is used to create an instance of the FormattingBehavior behavior and wire it to the corresponding text box element. The values of the hoverCssClass and focusCssClass properties supplied in the $create statement are the names of the CSS classes used to obtain the in-place-edit effect. The CSS file used in the example is as follows; you should reference it in the ASP.NET page before running the example:
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To get an HTTP response and show the first few lines of it in our SimpleGet class, we call a getHttpResponse method that we ve built B. Within this method, we construct a object C, which takes care of many of the details for us, and then we open a connection to a server using an HttpURLConnection D. We then use a BufferedReader to read data from the connection one line at a time E. Keep in mind that as we re doing this, we re using the same thread as the UI and therefore blocking the UI. This isn t a good idea. We re using the same thread here only to demonstrate the network operation; we ll explain more about how to use a separate thread shortly. After we have the data, we append it to the result String that our method returns F, and we close the reader and the connection. Using the plain and simple support that has been ported to Android this way provides quick and dirty access to HTTP network resources. Communicating with HTTP this way is fairly easy, but it can quickly get cumbersome when you need to do more than just retrieve simple data, and, as noted, the blocking nature of the call is bad form. You could get around some of the problems with this approach on your own by spawning separate threads and keeping track of them and by writing your own small framework/API structure around that concept for each HTTP request, but you don t have to. Fortunately, Android provides another set of APIs in the form of the Apache HttpClient3 library that abstract the classes further and are designed to offer more robust HTTP support and help handle the separate-thread issue.
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As you can imagine, if you have a lot of private member fields in your class, creating accessors for all of them is both repetitive and mindless. Therefore, if all you re doing is retrieving or setting a private member, you can use a shortcut syntax called automatic properties. That syntax works like this:
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Exploring the Ajax server extensions
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CancellationToken only provides facilities for discovering that cancellation has been
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All resources are accessed in the same manner, regardless of their actual location on the network. The amount of hardware and software resources dedicated to an activity can be increased without affecting clients. This enables the system to scale more easily. Through fault handling techniques, the system allows clients to complete their tasks despite hardware and software failures. Resources in the system can be rearranged without affecting users.
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/** * Creates the RSS feed file from the default mock template */ @BeforeClass public static void createRssFeedFile() throws Exception { writeToRssFeedFile(getMock15EntriesRssFile()); } /** * Shuts down and clears the Embedded HTTP Server */ @AfterClass public static void shutdownHttpServer() { if (httpServer != null) { try { httpServer.stop(); } catch (final Exception e) { // Swallow log.error("Could not stop HTTP Server cleanly", e); }"HTTP Server Stopped: " + httpServer); httpServer = null; } } /** * Removes the RSS feed file */ @AfterClass public static void deleteRssFeedFile() throws Exception { final File rssFile = getRssFeedFile(); boolean deleted = rssFile.delete(); if (!deleted) { log.warn("RSS Feed File was not cleaned up properly: " + rssFile);
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keyNode.onMousePressed = function(ev:MouseEvent) { if(action!=null) action(letterValue,true); }; keyNode.onMouseReleased = function(ev:MouseEvent) { if(action!=null) action(letterValue,false); };
Notice that the message is now more explicit. And we get the advantage of strong type checking. When the consumer reads the message, each attribute s type is unambiguous. For example, a consumer can now read an OrderRequest message as shown in listing 6.3.
Tools for debugging Ajax applications
The helper method updateStack() adds the current Chunk to the top TextElementArray on the Stack. If the Stack is empty, a Paragraph is created and added to the Stack. The helper method flushStack() will try to compose elements on the Stack; for instance, adding Phrase objects to a Paragraph. It will try to add TextElementArrays to the Document as soon as possible.
<WebRole name="ServiceRuntimeWebsite"> <InputEndpoints> <InputEndpoint name="HttpsIn" protocol="https" port="443" /> </InputEndpoints> <Certificates> <Certificate name="MyCertificate" storeLocation="LocalMachine" storeName="My" /> </Certificates> </WebRole>
Controlling the runtime with the bean context Does Not Exist One aspect common to all three bean type implementations is their method of container runtime communication. Each bean implementation declares a callback method that the container Figure B.7 Message-driven uses to associate a context with the instance, specifically setSesbean life cycle sionContext(), setEntityContext(), and setMessageDrivendiagram Context() for session, entity, and message-driven beans, respectively. Bean implementations use the context object to get authentication information on the client or to access the transaction manager. Session and entity beans can use the context object to obtain their corresponding EJBObject or client interface or their EJBHome object. Additionally, entity beans get the primary key object through the context object. Throwing the right exception The EJB architecture breaks exceptions into two different classes system and application exceptions. The container handles each class in a different fashion. Understanding exceptions and how the container reacts to them is an oftenunderrated key to effectively developing EJB components. System exceptions signify fatal, unexpected system-level errors. These include RemoteException, EJBException, RuntimeException, and subclasses therein. An I/O error that occurs while transferring data over the network qualifies as a system exception, as does an unchecked null pointer. When a system exception occurs, the EJB specification requires that the container dispose of the bean instance that threw the exception and rollback the currently running transaction. However, the specification does award the container a lot of flexibility in recovering from system exceptions. For example, if a network I/O error occurs, the container may transparently reattempt the request; the client may be none the wiser. Application exceptions signify application-specific events, such as field validation errors or, in the case of our trip scheduling application, a scheduling conflict. When an application level exception occurs, both the bean instance and the
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