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Concatenating forms
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C++ developers will be familiar with this syntax for specifying multiple base classes.
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What do you want iText to do if a row doesn t fit on the page Do you want iText to start the row on a new page Or do you want iText to add as much data from that row on the current page, and add the rest to the next page Both options are possible, and they re demonstrated in figure 4.13.
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Antipatterns in this chapter
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oblivious to the gyrations the container must go through to make sure the bean instance is always ready to service requests. Indeed, when a client invokes a method on a passivated bean instance, it appears as if the bean has always been active in the cache. In truth, the bean may be passivated and activated multiple times over the course of the conversation. If the container is doing its job well, its resource management duties are hidden from the client. That s all well and good, but when the container is under a lot of stress, cracks begin to show. Remember, only so much memory is available for the cache. When there s not enough memory to hold all active bean instances in the cache, clients can become painfully aware of the passivation/activation shell game. It s similar to the thrashing of multiple applications on your desktop, all competing for space in physical memory. To bring an idle application into physical memory, another application must be swapped out to virtual memory on disk. The familiar grinding sound usually indicates a lot of disk reads and writes going on. Figure 5.6 illustrates the sacrifice of one stateful session bean instance to make room for another in the cache. Alas, often we create unnecessary work for the container. This needless work is the subject of many antipatterns explored throughout the remainder of this chapter. Before we take a look at those antipatterns, let s detour briefly to explore another tool for storing session state the HttpSession class offered by Java servlets. (Note that, although we ll discuss the use the Servlet API in this section as a comparison to stateful session beans, a comprehensive discussion of servlets is beyond the scope of this chapter.)
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- (BOOL)peoplePickerNavigationController: (ABPeoplePickerNavigationController *)peoplePicker shouldContinueAfterSelectingPerson:(ABRecordRef)person property:(ABPropertyID)property identifier:(ABMultiValueIdentifier)identifier { return NO; }
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Mastering Web Site Fundamentals generate datamatrix
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Let s examine all the constructors and methods used to create the PdfActions in this example.
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Example: implementing Swing policies
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When you build a simple Java class, you need a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to execute it. In a similar way (as you learned in the previous section) to execute session beans and MDBs you need an EJB container, and to run your entities you need a persistence provider. In this section we give you a bird s-eye view of containers and persistence providers and explain how they are related. In the Java world, containers aren t just limited to the realm of EJB 3. You re probably familiar with a web container, which allows you to run web-based applications using Java technologies such as servlets, JSP, or JSF. A Java EE container is an application server solution that supports EJB 3, a web container, and other Java EE APIs and services. BEA WebLogic Server, Sun Microsystems s GlassFish, IBM WebSphere, JBoss Application Server, and Oracle Application Server 10g are examples of Java EE containers. The relationship between the Java EE container, web container, EJB container, and JPA persistence provider is shown in figure 1.7. If you install a Java EE compliant application server such as GlassFish, it will contain a preconfigured web container, EJB container, and a JPA provider. However, some vendors and open source projects may provide only a web container such as Tomcat or an EJB 3 compliant persistence provider such as Hibernate. These containers provide limited functionality compared to what you get with a complete Java EE 5 container. In this section, we ll focus on how the EJB container and the persistence provider work, and we ll finish with a more complete discussion of EJB services. First, let s tackle the EJB container.
Listing 11.2 Adding transaction demarcation to the controller
Listing 7.13 Enumerating a FuzzyQuery term list with FuzzyTermEnum
Bonus: creating hypertext-style links
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