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4.1.2 Using reflective APIs To demonstrate the use of reflective APIs, let s modify the simple tracing aspect that we wrote in chapter 2. If you recall, JoinPointTraceAspect used simple reflective support to print the information for all the join points as the code in the classes executed. We will use the same unmodified classes, Account, InsufficientBalanceException , and SavingsAccount , from listings 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7. The abstract Account class provides the methods for debiting, crediting, and querying the account balance. The SavingsAccount class extends Account to a savings account. We will modify the versions of the Test class (from listing 2.8) and JoinPointTraceAspect (from listing 2.9) so that our new example will use the reflection API to log detailed messages that show information not only about the methods invoked, but also about the objects involved in each method invocation. To limit the output, we first remove the call to the debit() method in the Test program as shown in listing 4.1.
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PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(src); PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, new FileOutputStream(dest), '\0', true);
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installed the .NET Framework such as C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\<version number>\aspnet_regsql.exe, or you can access the tool directly by running the Visual Studio Command Prompt. The ASP .NET SQL Server setup tool The aspnet_regsql tool can be run either as a Windows GUI application or as a command-line tool. To run the tool in its GUI mode, simply run the .exe without specifying any command-line arguments, like so:
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Drawing shapes
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Adding a map to an application is similar to adding any other view. You can either do it through Interface Builder or programmatically. The choice is up to you, depending on how you like to work with UI elements. We ll show you both methods. The view that displays a map is called MKMapView. This class contains quite a bit of functionality including how to display the map, annotations, and user location. We ll first discuss how to add an MKMapView through Interface Builder. After you add the map to the view, you ll connect it to an IBOutlet and set its delegate class.
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This statement will be translated to SQL as follows:
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String queryString = "from Item item" + " where item.seller = :seller and" + " item.description like :desc"; session.createQuery(queryString) .setParameter( "seller", theSeller, Hibernate.entity(User.class) ) .setParameter( "desc", description, Hibernate.STRING );
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Listing 11.5 (part 2): adding JavaFX user interfaces to Java code
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5.5.1 Logging the method parameters Often, you not only want to log the method calls but also the invoked object and the method parameters. Implementing this requirement is easily accomplished by using the thisJoinPoint reference. In each advice body, a special thisJoinPoint object is available that contains the information about the captured join point and its associated context. The aspect in listing 5.17 modifies the TraceAspectV1 s before advice to also log the method parameters.
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Is the specified bar code in code 39 or code 3 of 9 format If so, an asterisk will be placed before and after the bar code number before it is printed on a label. Use a value of 0 for False or any nonzero value for True ( 1 is preferred). If missing or NULL, False is assumed.
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Account Manager
Although iUI is a web-only library, it provides some of the best insights into SDK development, primarily because Joe Hewitt did such a careful job of not only mimicking the look and feel of the iPhone s UI, but also its functionality. The discussions that lead off the chapter, centering on the iPhone UI and the iPhone s architectural paradigms, provide a great overview for your own SDK programming. A lot of the bells and whistles, such as the chrome and the way data is output, will already be laid out for you with the SDK. Thinking about the data-centric focus of iPhone users and the ways in which the six unique iPhone design elements will influence your program design remain important. Finally, iUI itself really shows many of the features that SDK programs should have as well. Short data bursts, expanding lists, and special search and setting forms will all be part of a well-designed SDK programming experience. We ll even return to the idea of a windows and views as one of the core concepts of the SDK. One of the nice features of iUI is that it s really easy to quickly knock out new content. It demonstrates one of the greatest strengths of web development versus SDK development, the quick development time, which you should keep in mind when engaging in any iPhone programming.
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