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The .text directive indicates that this code should be placed in the .text section of the resulting executable B. The global start directive C makes the start routine visible to the rest of the application and the linker. The start: label D indicates the first location of the start routine. The mov and add instructions perform some housekeeping E with the stack pointer, sp, just as seen in the extracted code from the ping program. Initialization takes place via a branch instruction to call the __libc_init routine F. This routine is found in the library When this routine is complete, execution returns to the next instruction, another branch of the main routine G. This is the main() routine implemented by our C application. The next instructions H set up a jump table to the sections required by a C language executable application. A pair of nop instructions round out the table. The sections preinit_array, init_array, fini_array, and .ctors are defined I. Note that it appears that these
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After your environment is set up, you need to perform only three steps to generate code:
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The type signature patterns used in this example are boolean, Collection, and Object. The portion before the return value contains modifiers, such as the access specification (public, private, and so on), static, or final. These modifiers are optional, and the matching process will ignore the unspecified modifiers. For instance, unless the final modifier is specified, both final and nonfinal methods that match the rest of the signature will be selected. The modifiers can also be used with the negation operator to specify matching with all but the specified modifier. For example, !final will match all nonfinal methods. When a type is used in the method signature for declaring classes, interfaces, return types, arguments, and declared exceptions, you can specify the type signature discussed in tables 3.1 and 3.2 in place of specifying exact types. Please note that in method signatures, the wildcard .. is used to denote any type and number of arguments taken by a method. Table 3.3 shows examples of matching method signatures.
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Description Primary key; automatically assigned. Required. Title of this item. Required. Subtitle of this item. Optional. Full description of this item. Optional. Edition number for this item. Optional. This item s publisher. Foreign reference to Publisher.ID. Optional. Dewey decimal number. Use / for line breaks. Optional. Library of Congress number. Use / for line breaks. Optional. ISBN, ISSN, or other standardized number of this item. Optional. Library of Congress control number. Optional. Year of original copyright, or of believed original copyright. Optional. The series or collection in which this item appears. Foreign reference to CodeSeries.ID. Optional. The media classification of this item. Foreign reference to CodeMediaType.ID. Required. Is this title out of print 0 for False, 1 for True. Required. Project |
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Request Message
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Listing 10.14
4.4 Reducing the clutter of unimplemented bean methods
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