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By declaring a method as virtual, the base class gives derived classes permission to replace whole pieces of its own innards. That s a very powerful but very dangerous technique, rather like organ transplant surgery on an animal you ve never seen before. Even a trained surgeon might balk at replacing the kidneys of a dromedary armed with nothing more than developer-quality documentation about the process.
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Bitter sessions
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<one-to-one name="user" class="User" property-ref="shippingAddress"/>
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Monitoring techniques
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Packaging a bean with <ejbjar> Our application takes advantage of EJB by providing stateless session bean access to our searching functionality. Very simply, our session bean code is:
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Figure 15.11 Managing multiple accounts
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<fileset dir="web"> <exclude name="**/*.jsp"/> </fileset>
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Delegates accelerometer protocol
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When we talk to our Harry object through a FireChief reference, he gets Joe to put out the fire. If we talk to the object through a Firefighter reference, he does it himself. Same object, but two completely different implementations. Why might we want to do that Let s say we had multiple fire chiefs on a job, but it is our policy that a chief acting as another chief s Number One is not allowed to delegate the job again. Our code models exactly this behavior, as shown in Example 4-7.
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UIEvent UITouch phase: UITouchPhaseBegan locationInView: (10,15) UITouch phase: UITouchPhaseMoved locationInView: (28,32) UITouch phase: UITouchPhaseEnded locationInView: (28,32)
C Filter apostrophe
Simultaneous execution of builds on two different build agents under TeamCity
The Page Load event and synchronous postback
If you re following this in Visual Studio, make sure you build your project after adding this class. We re going to be using some design-time features of Visual Studio that will need to know about your class, and you need to have built the project for these to work.
The successful output of this task delivers the results we want: all references to the word WAR in the Ant documentation.
It s possible for a reference type variable to be in a state where it isn t referring to any object at all. C# has a special keyword, null, to represent this. You can set a variable to null, or you can pass null as an argument to a method. And you can also test to see if a field, variable, or argument is equal to null in an if statement. Any field whose type is a reference type will automatically be initialized to null before the constructor runs, in much the same way as numeric fields are initialized to zero.
window.onload=function(){ var mat=document.getElementById('mousemat'); ... var mouseRouter=new jsEvent.EventRouter(mat,"onmousemove"); mouseRouter.addListener(writeStatus); mouseRouter.addListener(drawThumbnail); }
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