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Table 2.2 This table shows the files for a JDBC logging implementation, including line count. We ve reduced the total lines of code by two-thirds and expect a similar reduction in complexity. Classification JDBC logging component Sample client code File name 51 42 File line count
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Let s have a look at a modern web application. Simply because everyone has heard of it, we ll pick on Amazon, the bookseller (figure 1.4). I point my browser to the Amazon site, and, because it remembers who I am from my last visit, it shows me a friendly greeting, a list of recommended books, and information about my purchasing history. Clicking on a title from the recommendations list leads me to a separate page (that is, the screen flickers and I lose sight of all the lists that I was viewing a few seconds earlier). This, too, is stuffed full of contextual information: reviews, second-hand prices for the book, links to similar authors, and titles of other books that I ve recently checked out (figure 1.5). In short, I m presented with very rich, tightly interwoven information. And yet my only way of interacting with this information is through clicking hyperlinks and filling in text forms. If I fell asleep at the keyboard while browsing the site and awoke the next day, I wouldn t know that the new Harry Potter book had been released until I refreshed the entire page. I can t take my lists with me from one
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The five tables from listings 4.2 and 4.3 are added to the Document using this code.
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You ve now seen how easy it is to integrate fully functional maps into any application. The Map Kit framework is powerful but simple to use. To add a map to any application, drag and drop it onto your view in Interface Builder and connect it using an IBOutlet. This gives you complete control Figure 17.6 MKMapView with over the look, feel, and behavior of the map. custom annotations If you require additional data to be added to the map, the Map Kit framework provides a great mechanism for adding annotations. These can either be the built-in pins or completely customized to suit your application s needs. In the next chapter, we ll discuss the Store Kit framework and how to integrate it with your applications. It s one of the most complex to use, but it can prove to be the most profitable. You ll use it to support in-app purchases.
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This chapter demonstrates the use of the BluetoothAdapter, the BluetoothDevice class, and the BluetoothSocket. The next section shows how an Android device goes about connecting to another Bluetooth-enabled device. For the examples in this chapter, the Android device acts as the primary device and a LEGO Mindstorms NXT controller acts as a secondary Bluetooth device. qrcode decoder
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15.2 Working with marked content
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The drawString() method is similar to iText s showTextAligned() method. It doesn t wrap the text when the end of the line is reached. Figure 14.10 shows a longer text containing English and Japanese spanning multiple lines. Here, you re dividing the long AKIRA text into smaller String objects using the LineBreakMeasurer object with an AttributedString. The substrings are added using the drawString() method. generating 3 of 9 barcode
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createCircle(canvas, x + radius, y - 70, radius / 2, false); canvas.fillStroke(); x += 2 * radius + gutter; createStar(canvas, x, y); createCircle(canvas, x + radius, y - 70, radius, true); createCircle(canvas, x + radius, y - 70, radius / 2, true); canvas.eoFillStroke();
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Developing a simple AspectJ-based solution
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The iBATIS philosophy
9.2.3 Updating the schema http://iphonedevelopment.
sub{ $compose = 'Modulate' }, \$opacity, \$gravity, sub{ $opts{'tile'} = 1 },
Example A-8. One solution to Exercise 4-4
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