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PetStore is a sample application written to show people how to use EJB . Designed to promote reuse over performance, PetStore offers none of the performance optimizations required for a typical benchmark. It s been updated several times, but still lacks fundamental techniques for achieving high performance, like a uniform caching strategy. And, as a sample available for most commercial and Open Source J2EE servers, PetStore is probably the most visible J2EE application. These factors made it an ideal target for a Microsoft benchmarking effort. Just as a hunting lion will separate the weakest and youngest antelope from the herd, Microsoft identified PetStore as a perfect candidate for a benchmarking contest. Microsoft asked the Middleware Company to step forward as the J2EE champion and to manage the J2EE implementation. The Middleware Company started with the original PetStore design, with JSP user interfaces accessing BMP entity beans through a session fa ade, and tuned the design to achieve a 17-fold increase in performance (figure 1.1). Still the Microsoft benchmark was nearly twice as fast. This benchmark was stacked in Microsoft s favor from the beginning for many reasons:
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Tries to locate a JAR to satisfy an extension and place the location of the JAR into a property.
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Sometimes it s useful to modify the order in which entries appear in an array. For example, with a calendar, some events will be planned long in advance while others may be last-minute additions. Any calendar application will need to be able to ensure that events are displayed in chronological order, regardless of how they were added, so we need some way of getting items into the right order. The Array class makes this easy with its Sort method. We just need to tell it how we want the events ordered it can t really guess, because it doesn t have any way of knowing whether we consider our events to be ordered by the Title, StartTime, or Duration property. This is a perfect job for a delegate: we can provide a tiny bit of code
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private Long persistBid(String userId, Long itemId, Double bidPrice) { } }
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Listing 11.5 Using the SetProperty action to handle an event
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Working with the Table service REST API
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if ( this.pendingRequest ) { this.pendingRequest = false; this.lastRequestString = this.textInput.value; Send another request this.sendRequestForSuggestions(); } }, createSuggestions: function(ajaxResponse) { this.suggestions = []; var entries = ajaxResponse.getElementsByTagName('entry'); for ( var i = 0 ; i < entries.length ; i++ ) { var strText = this.getElementContent( entries[i].getElementsByTagName('text')[0]); var strValue = this.getElementContent( entries[i].getElementsByTagName('value')[0]); this.suggestions.push({ text: strText, value: strValue }); } }, getElementContent: function(element) { return; }
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Cast the web part to a GenericWebPart to get at the ChildControl property
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Icons Program icons used with forms and the application itself appear as standard resources. Icons have an .ico file extension. Audio Resources can include named audio files, based on WAV audio content. Files If the file types listed so far don t meet your needs, you can include whole files of any type as a named resource. Other Beyond files, you can store the content of any valid .NET data type as a resource. The resources in a .resx file are actually strongly typed to .NET types, so there s really no limit to the type of data you can place there. You can also modify the underlying .resx file to include non-standard resources. Non-standard resources are beyond the scope of this chapter. The project properties window includes a manager for application-wide resources (see Figure 19-2). The IDE also includes special editors that let you edit standard and a few non-standard resource types.
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Table 5.3 Differences between lifecycle and business method interceptors. Lifecycle interceptors are created to handle EJB lifecycle callbacks. Business method interceptors are associated with business methods, and are automatically invoked when a user invokes the business method. Supported Feature Invocation Lifecycle Callback Methods Gets invoked when a certain lifecycle event occurs. In a separate Interceptor class or in the bean class. void <METHOD>(InvocationContext) in a separate interceptor class. void <METHOD>() in the bean class. Annotation @PreDestroy, @PostConstruct, @PrePassivate, @PostActivate May throw runtime exceptions but must not throw checked exceptions. May catch and swallow exceptions. No other lifecycle callback methods are called if an exception is thrown. @AroundInvoke Business Method Interceptor Gets invoked when a business method is called by a client. In the class or an interceptor class.
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Understanding Lucene s query syntax
transaction starts. When we begin to output the results, we can simply set the CSS display property of the animated image to none, which will make the animation disappear. A variation on this is to place the animation image in the output location where the results are to be displayed. When the transaction is complete, we replace the GIF with the results, so the wait image is removed. Either way, the user can still use the form while the XMLHttpRequest object is processing the data of the server. Let s look at a popular example of allowing the user to work with an application while processing is being done on the server: Google Maps. We send out a request to the server for, say, restaurants on Main Street, and we are still able to manipulate the map while the server processes our request. We do not have to wait as we would with a normal form submission. The server-side process then returns the results to the page, where they are displayed to the user. In the same way, our live search allows the user to interact with the page while the server is processing the data. Figure 12.3 shows Ajax s process flow. The Ajax approach to handling searches and long transitions allows us to eliminate the problems that we have faced with the other options used in the past. This live search feature is not only useful when used with a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but it can also be helpful for smaller lookups. For instance, we can use a live search to perform a lookup to a database table to retrieve information for some of the form fields, such as an address, based on what the user has entered so far all while the user is filling in other fields. Any long transaction with the server can be turned into a live process, with the server providing incremental updates to the client, which are displayed in an unobtrusive way (see chapter 6). With Ajax, we can improve data transfer and get the results to the client in a richer environment.
We ll discuss how to decode this response shortly, but first let s put together the pieces that make the request by examining the bridge file that makes this possible. The .asbx bridge file Earlier, we mentioned a new file extension designated for bridges. This .asbx extension is basically an XML file that serves as a roadmap to an external service and its methods. Listing 5.19 provides an example of how a request to the Flickr REST service is mapped out.
recipe), log4j builds an HTML table of logging events. The result of two application executions is shown in figure 8.1.
<service name="ProcessorService"> <port name="ProcessorPort" binding="tns:ProcessorSoapBinding"> <soap:address location=""/> </port> </service>
It prevents filling up the queue until an OutOfMemoryException occurs. It provides feedback to the system that limits the indexing load (by forcing producer threads to wait).
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