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component, which supports JavaScript and CSS. Free, cut-down versions have recently become available under the name Visual Studio Express, including one targeted at web developers. The most prominent Java IDE at present is the IBM-sponsored Eclipse. Eclipse is mostly a Java development tool and ships with a complex set of plug-ins specifically written for Java developers. A thriving plug-in community exists, including some relatively simple JavaScript plug-ins providing syntax highlighting and outline views of methods and classes (figure A.2). With the recent Eclipse version 3.1, a broader range of web developer plugins is being developed by the Web Tools Platform project, which in addition to supporting server-side J2EE technologies, has editors for JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS. Eclipse also offers strong project-level codebase-management features and full integration with CVS version control out of the box. Third-party integration with Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, and other version-control systems is available. Some enterprise Java development tools such as the Sun Java Studio Creator and SAP NetWeaver offer high-level design facilities for web applications. In our experience, these are based heavily on the classic web application metaphor, with an application being modeled as a series of discrete pages, and may translate poorly to the Ajax approach. Studio Creator uses Java ServerFaces (JSF) behind the scenes, however. We discussed JSF and Ajax in chapter 5, and although the two technologies have some challenges to overcome before being fully interoperable, it may be possible that JSF-based tools will support Ajax better in the near future.
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Creating your first ASP.NET MVC 2 project
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As you ve seen, you have two powerful options to consider when storing large amounts of data on the iPhone and iPad. SQLite is great for anyone with prior experience with SQL and MySQL. You have the ability to use full SQL syntax to work with the records without having to learn a new design pattern. Core Data is Apple s response to solving the complexities associated with SQL. You no longer need to know complicated SQL syntax in order to have a fully functional database in your application. Core Data extracts much of the process and gives you high-level objects to work with as you please. In the next chapter, we ll move away from data storage and work with some of the cool hardware features of the iPhone and iPad. These include the accelerometer, GPS, and compass.
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Implementing conversations
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At first glance, the existence of these extra services may not seem problematic. But on closer examination, a key difference becomes apparent. The transactional, security, and distribution services are typically applied at a coarse-grained level, whereas persistence services are typically used in a much fine-grained manner
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object and the amount using the target() and args() pointcuts. In the body of the advice, we surround the call to proceed() with a try/catch block, with the catch block performing overdraft protection logic. The result is that when the advice is executed, it in turn executes the captured method using proceed(). If an exception is thrown, the catch block executes the overdraft protection logic using the context that it captured in the target() and args() pointcuts. 3.2.5 Comparing advice with methods As you can see, the advice declaration part looks much like a method signature. Although it does not have a name, it takes arguments and may declare that it can throw exceptions. The arguments form the context that the advice body can use to perform its logic, just like in a method. The before and after advice cannot return anything, while the around advice does and therefore has a return type. The pointcut specification part uses named or anonymous pointcuts to capture the join points to be advised. The body of advice looks just like a method body except for the special keyword proceed() that is available in the around advice. By now, you might be thinking that advice looks an awful lot like methods. Let s contrast the two here. Like methods, advice:
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releases, thus throwing a locking exception immediately if the lock can t be obtained. This mode transparently falls back to LockMode.UPGRADE if the database SQL dialect doesn t support the NOWAIT option.
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Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
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static void Main( ) { MyCoolBook judith = new MyCoolBook("Judith"); judith.Add("Hello world"); MyCoolBook tom = new MyCoolBook("Tom"); tom.Poke("Judith"); tom.Add("Hey, We are on CoolBook"); judith.Poke("Tom"); Console.ReadLine( ); }
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7.5 Assigning a role to an EJB
public void runStatementsUsingGlobalTransactions() { SqlMapClient sqlMapClient = SqlMapClientConfig.getSqlMapClient(); try { sqlMapClient.startTransaction(); Person p = (Person)sqlMapClient.queryForObject ("getPerson", new Integer(9)); p.setLastName("Smith"); sqlMapClient.update("updatePerson", p); Department d = (Department)sqlMapClient.queryForObject ("getDept", new Integer(3)); p.setDepartment(d); sqlMapClient.update("updatePersonDept", p); sqlMapClient.commitTransaction();
Figure 12.4 ActionBazaar application architecture. The ActionBazaar web module accesses the EJBs that implement the business logic and manipulate entities.
In this chapter, we gave you an overview of the Table service, explaining how it provides massively scalable storage and how it differs from traditional relational databases, such as SQL Server. As you ve seen, the Table service is a scalable way of storing and querying entities, and it isn t a relational database. We can sometimes assume we need relational databases when there are other ways of representing data in our solution. Designing systems is all about trade-offs, and the trade-off with relational databases is scalability. By using the Table service, you gain scalability, but the cost is that you have to think and design systems in a different way. You now have enough knowledge to create and deploy web applications that run in the cloud and can store data in the Table service. In the next chapter, we ll expand upon your new knowledge and drill into some of the inner workings of the service by looking at the REST API and seeing how you can efficiently query and update data.
For BMT beans, use one of the rollback methods in the UserTransaction object acquired from the container. The rollback() method tells the container to start a rollback immediately, while the setRollbackOnly() method only marks the transaction for rollback (which will occur after the EJB method completes). Ultimately, these methods will cause the current transaction to be rolled back and undo any updates that were performed. Collectively, they can throw three different exceptions:
public List<string> Trademarks { get { return trademarks; } } public void HighlightTrademarks(Document doc) { // Split the document up into individual words string[] words = doc.Text.Split(' ', '.', ','); foreach( string word in words ) { if( Trademarks.Contains(word) ) { Console.WriteLine("Highlighting '{0}'", word); } } }
Listing 4.20
Category computer = ... // Loaded in a previous persistence context Category laptops = new Category("Laptops"); Category laptopUltraPortable = new Category("Ultra-Portable"); Category laptopTabletPCs = new Category("Tablet PCs"); laptops.addChildCategory(laptopUltraPortable); laptops.addChildCategory(laptopTabletPCs); computer.setName("Desktops and Laptops"); computer.addChildCategory(laptops);
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