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The profile page The profile.xhtml page is almost the same as the register.xhtml page. The profile form includes the profile fields, and the buttons at the bottom of the page allow a user to step back or forward in the conversation:
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This chapter covers
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In the BindWebParts method we use an XPATH data binding expression to find which list of web part nodes to select, and we can then bind the resulting XmlNodeList returned from that query directly to the rtpWebParts Repeater control. Something interesting to notice about the binding code in the Repeater control is the use of the XPath statement. In listing 8.10 we re using the ASP.NET XPath statement to evaluate an XPATH expression during the binding operation. This allows us to apply the displayName of each web part node to the Text property of a Label control. Although the Label that displays the displayName of each web part is contained within a hyperlink, we can see that the href attribute for the hyperlink is set to #. Instead of setting a URL for the hyperlink in the mark-up code, we will set it from server-side code so that we can format a JavaScript function call and assign it to the onclick attribute of the hyperlink instead. Listing 8.11 shows code that will run during the ItemDataBound event of the Repeater control and dynamically set the JavaScript behavior for the anchor based on the value of the typeName attribute for each web part node in the list.
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To use a script control, follow the usual steps required for using an ASP.NET server control. Steps include registering the custom control in the page using a @Register directive, like so:
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Our task implements a setDestDir method:
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The delegate is contained in the Adapter and is instantiated on line 24, from one of the standard generic delegates. On lines 33 and 40, it is assigned to the methods Precise and Estimate, which are in the Adaptee and Target, respectively. Lines 31 34 show the use of an anonymous function to augment the results from the Adaptee. Notice that the Client (the Main method) refers only to its chosen method name, Request (see sidebar). The pluggable adapter sorts out which object is being plugged in at the time. Once a service has been plugged in and its methods have been assigned to the delegate objects, the association lasts until another set of methods is assigned. What characterizes a pluggable adapter is that it will have constructors for each of the
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Java execution does not give a build file access to the full capabilities of the underlying OS, or native platform build steps, unless the Java program calls a native program. Actually, almost all the Ant source code control tasks do this, as do some others. You can call native programs from inside Ant, although in our personal experience, this is less common than running Java programs. Native programs are less portable, so to support in a cross-platform manner custom tasks can provide a portable wrapper. Yet, there are many commands that can be useful in a small project, from mounting a shared drive to running a native installer program. Ant can call these with the parameters you desire. Ant lets you execute native programs through a task that is very similar to the <java> task. The moment you do so, you are going to create portability problems. If the command is something built into the operating system, such as the call ln -s to create a symbolic link, then the execution stage is bound to an operating system family, in this case Unix. If the native program is portable, but requires manual installation, then the build may be cross-platform, though it needs to handle the case that the native program is missing. At the very least, you should document these requirements, so that whoever tries to build your program without you can find out what
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Strictly speaking, the service isn t really designed to support a web browser. This chapter is all about enabling programs to communicate with one another, not how to build web user interfaces. However, WCF is rather generous here it notices when we connect with a web browser, and decides to be helpful. It generates a web page that patiently explains that the thing we ve connected to is a service, and shows how to write code that could talk to the service. And that s exactly what we re going to do next.
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Implementing thread safety
@Target({TYPE}) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface SqlResultSetMapping { String name(); EntityResult[] entities() default {}; ColumnResult[] columns() default {}; }
session.createCriteria(Category.class) .add("name", "Laptop%") );
var items = days.SelectMany(day => day);
Many of the quality groups showed staggering returns. Other programs, such as Zero Defects, also thrived. Awards and accreditations, like Malcolm Baldrige and ISO 9000, gathered steam. The United States again discovered the value of quality. In a very real sense, this book represents the same ideas that we see in other areas and places them in the context of Java application development. We are taking responsibility for bringing quality code to the desk of the common programmer. We want to identify places where our assembly line is broken. We want to spot holes in process and procedure that can cripple our customers or even ourselves down the road. We want to know when major systematic problems, like the routinely late turnaround times on Everest, occur. We then want to systematically solve them and save others from repeating our mistakes. Most of this book deals with antipatterns that are already well entrenched in Java programs, processes, and programmers. We should now talk briefly about the discovery process.
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