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AtomicInteger shared = new AtomicInteger(1); int increment() { return shared.incrementAndGet(); }
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In-process session management
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Filesets accomplish the include/exclude capability by utilizing another of Ant s core datatypes: the patternset. A patternset is a collection of file matching patterns. A patternset itself does not refer to any actual files until it is nested in a fileset and therefore rooted at a specific directory. A pattern is a path-matching specification similar to Unix- and MS-DOS-based file matching. Examples of this have already been shown with *.jar used to represent all files with the .jar extension in the top directory and **/*.jsp to represent all files in the entire directory tree with the .jsp extension. The pattern matching features are as follows: * matches zero or more characters. matches a single character. **, used as the name of a directory, represents matching of all directories from that point down, matching zero or more directories. A pattern ending with a trailing / or \ implies a trailing **. Implicitly a <fileset> holds a patternset, but patternsets can also be specified independently, allowing for the reuse of patternsets in multiple filesets. (See section 3.14.) Table 3.3 lists the attributes available on the <patternset> element.
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Send the Ajax request
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String queryString = "from Item item " + "where item.seller = :seller and " + "item.description like :desc"; session.createQuery(queryString) .setParameter("seller", seller) .setParameter("desc", description) .list();
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Removing Unwanted Using Directives
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You ll find more about the Apache HttpClient here:
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The ACME Company houses a small library for its employees, filled with businessspecific documentation. The goal of this project is to develop a computer based library system that tracks the inventory of books and other available library items. Patrons (employees) may check items out from the library. Librarians (administrators) have access to additional application features, including the ability to manage inventory and patron fines.
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Figure 11.9 Visual Studio can unit test database objects. You create a new test in the Add New Test dialog.
abstract class FirefighterBase { public abstract void ExtinguishFire(); public string Name { get; set; } public void Drive(Firetruck truckToDrive, Point coordinates) { if (truckToDrive.Driver != this) { // We can't drive the truck if we're not the driver return; } truckToDrive.Drive(coordinates); }
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Tracing is a special form of logging where the entry and/or exit of selected methods are logged. Tracing is useful during the development phase in order to understand system behavior, especially when a debugger is not an option, either
The next time you run the application and click the Abort button during the asynchronous postback, you ll see that the request is aborted and the endRequest event is fired immediately. We encourage you to walk through this example to reinforce your understanding of how this works.
public partial class RowProvider : UserControl, IWebPartRow { private DataTable _table; public RowProvider() { _table = new DataTable(); _table.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("ID", typeof(int))); _table.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Name", typeof(string))); DataRow row = _table.NewRow(); row.ItemArray = new object[] { 1, "Item 1" }; _table.Rows.Add(row); } public void GetRowData(RowCallback callback) { callback(_table.DefaultView[0]); Called by the transformer } to get the data public PropertyDescriptorCollection Schema { get { return TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(_table.DefaultView[0]); Called by the transformer } to get schema information } [ConnectionProvider("Row Data")] public IWebPartRow GetProviderData() { return this;
IStorable isDoc = new IStorable;
This is your application without database documentation.
CREATE TABLE tableName ( fieldName1 dataType fieldName2 dataType and so on... )
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