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512 | Appendix D: Singleton Session EJB: RSS Cache Example
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Transactions and security
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8.6 Creating log file views for the web browser
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- (IBAction) getAddress:(id) sender { MKReverseGeocoder * geoCoder = [[MKReverseGeocoder alloc] initWithCoordinate:theMap.centerCoordinate]; [geoCoder setDelegate:self]; [geoCoder start]; }
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Creating EJB 2.0 container-managed persistence
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although the first pattern sets up the foundation for the solution, we need the second pattern to complete it. 11.4.1 Using the participant pattern The first thing we want to do is create a separate participant subaspect to manage the transactions for each subsystem. We can use the participant pattern to do this, since it specifies that each of these subaspects will extend the same base abstract aspect that contains the transaction management logic. Therefore, the subaspects just need to define the pointcuts that specify the join points requiring transaction management in the subsystems they represent. Let s set up an example so you can understand how this pattern is used. To keep it simple, we have chosen to nest two separate participant aspects inside the AccountJDBCImpl and InterAccountTransferSystem classes. Let s assume that these two classes are managed by two different developers and that they would like to specify the operations requiring transaction support independently. Both subaspects (listings 11.9 and 11.10) extend the abstract aspect from our first solution.
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Bound Settings
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<%@ Page Trace="true" %>
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After completing each of the tasks described previously there is a working tutorial application. Therefore, if you would like to skip ahead and look at a particular section of interest, each chapter uses the work from the previous chapter, but it can be worked on and examined as an independent entity without difficulty. The steps of the tutorial application s development are covered in the chapters as outlined in table 3.3.
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B Create a term query matching the class to filter using the Hibernate Search special field. C Add the Lucene query created by the user and mark it as mandatory. D Exclude the filter clause explicitly from the results.
Introducing Objective-C
As I mentioned earlier, it s a good idea to include a global error handler in your code, in case some error gets past your defenses. To include this code, display all files in the Solution Explorer using the Show All Files button, open the ApplicationEvents.vb file, and add the following code to the MyApplication class.
Make sure the output
Asymmetrical cryptography
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