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5: Validation |
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Listing 3.4 Class definition, with variables and functions
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First of all we create an Image::Magick object, $ani, that will be used to store the individual frames of the animation.
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The Map Kit framework
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We d like to warn you of a classic error we re sure you ll be bitten by that can cost you a few hours until you figure it out. When you run a test on your index, make sure it is on par with the database you re testing on. Classically, unit tests clear the database and add a fresh set of data. Every so often you ll forget to update or clear your file system s Lucene directory. Your results will look confusing, returning duplicate or stale data. One elegant way to avoid that is to use in-memory directories; they re created and destroyed for every test, practically isolating them from one another.
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You create a property by writing the property type and name followed by a pair of braces. Within the braces, you can declare the get and set accessors. These accessors are very similar to methods, but they are actually part of the property itself.
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Choosing Pens and Brushes |
JavaScript execution speed
bytesRead = source.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length); if (bytesRead != 0) { target.Write(buffer, 0, bytesRead); } } while (bytesRead > 0);
Enabling Subversion support is essential for pre-tested commit.
A field is a place to put some data of a particular type. There s no option to add code like you can in a property a field is nothing more than data. Back before C# 3.0 the compiler didn t let us write just get; and set; we always had to write properties with code as in Example 3-9, and if we wanted a simple property that stored a value, we had to provide a field, with code such as Example 3-12.
the arrow connecting Bid and Item points in both directions in figure 7.3. This is what is meant by a bidirectional relationship or association between Bid and Item as opposed to a unidirectional relationship or association between Seller and BillingInfo. Typically, objects are nouns and relationships are verbs such as has, is part of, is member of, belongs to, and so on. Multiplicity, or cardinality As you can probably infer from figure 7.3, not all relationships are one-to-one. That is, there may be more than one object on either side of a relationship. For example, a Category can have more than one Item. Multiplicity or cardinality refers to this multifaceted nature of relationships. The multiplicity of a relationship can be:
private PasswordHome getPasswordHome() {
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