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-(IBAction)newContact:(id)sender { ABNewPersonViewController *myAdder = [[ABNewPersonViewController alloc] init]; myAdder.newPersonViewDelegate = self; UINavigationController *myNav = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:myAdder]; [self presentModalViewController:myNav animated:YES]; [myAdder release]; [myNav release]; } - (void)newPersonViewController: (ABNewPersonViewController *)newPersonViewController didCompleteWithNewPerson:(ABRecordRef)person { [self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; }
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One of Ant s optional tasks can save time and headaches by validating XML at build time rather than at deploy time. The <xmlvalidate> task is straightforward: give it the name of an XML file and it will validate it, or give it a <fileset> and it will
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to a JMS Topic or Queue, an MDB may be created to take action upon that event. By extension, any service with a valid JCA Resource Adapter may use MDB as an endpoint. We ll untangle the various technologies that piece together asynchronous messaging in 8. Like SLSBs, MDBs have no conversational state. Any instance may be used in servicing a message. In fact, the client has no view or knowledge of the MDB at all! Once the client sends a message, it s out of scope to worry about what may be listening to the event fired. After a full night of gambling, visitors to our casino are likely to need their cars back from the valet. We may provide our valet service via MDBs; once a ticket (message) is received, the valet should fetch the car while its owner continues on to grab a cup of coffee or visit the gift shop. The casino visitor will have to frequently check back to see whether his car has arrived. Message-driven beans are explored in 8.
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at least one client is attempting to use the service, this will return, handing back another Socket object. The Socket API is designed to allow multiple simultaneous connections to a single service, and so each call to Accept returns a new Socket. Your server will end up with one Socket object for each distinct connected client, plus the one listening Socket.
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The best way to manage this complexity is to break a system down into manageable pieces, where each piece is small enough for us to understand completely. We should aim to craft each piece so that it fits neatly into the system as a whole with a small enough number of connections to the other pieces that we can comprehend all of those too.
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2.3.3 Configuration in managed environments
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Data: actions, preferences, files, SQLite, and addresses
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Operator overloading is a pretty neat feature, but you don t really need it. Anything you can do by overloading the addition operator you can also do by adding an Append method to a class. But operator overloading does allow you to bring your classes more into the mainstream of Visual Basic syntax usage. Extension methods can also be replicated using standard method code, but there are some features of LINQ that specifically take advantage of extension methods. When you do overload your operators or use extension methods, make sure you include sufficient documentation or comments to make it clear what it means to leftshift a customer, Normalize( ) a String, or multiply a bank account. Hey, I d like to know about that last one.
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using using using using using System; System.Web; System.Web.UI; System.Text; System.Web.UI.WebControls;
We recommend that you try to configure Hibernate programmatically (using the Configuration object) before you try to run Hibernate as a JMX service. However, some features (like hot-redeployment of Hibernate applications) may be possible only with JMX, once they become available in Hibernate. Right now, the biggest advantage of Hibernate with JMX is the automatic startup; it means you no longer have to create a Configuration and build a SessionFactory in your application code, but can simply access the SessionFactory through JNDI once the HibernateService has been deployed and started.
In the chapter 1, we discussed difficulties of integrating a full-text search engine such as Apache Lucene into a Java application centered on a domain model and using Hibernate or Java Persistence to persist data. More specifically, we saw three mismatches:
Again, there s no reference to iText in this method. The iText magic happens here:
Optimizing fetching and caching
> ajc *.java > java TestAssociation Creating aspect instance JoinPoint: execution(void aspect: AssociationDemoAspect@e48e1b object: SavingsAccount@12dacd1 JoinPoint: execution(void Account.debit(float)) aspect: AssociationDemoAspect@e48e1b object: SavingsAccount@12dacd1 Creating aspect instance JoinPoint: execution(void aspect: AssociationDemoAspect@1ad086a object: SavingsAccount@10385c1 JoinPoint: execution(void Account.debit(float)) aspect: AssociationDemoAspect@1ad086a object: SavingsAccount@10385c1
HyperlinkData hyperlink = new HyperlinkData(displayName, description, url); this.txtDisplayName.Text = ""; this.txtDescription.Text = ""; this.txtUrl.Text = ""; FavoritePart.AddHyperlink(hyperlink); } return true; }
Figure 22-2. It s time to obfuscate!
To initialize the function, we add onclick handlers to our buttons. The onclick handlers call our function MoveFeed(), which passes the integers of 1 to skip backwards, 0 to pause the reader, and 1 to skip forward a message. By saving the document and opening our browser to this page, we can test the last of the functionality. Now that we have the ability to skip messages, we can advance to the messages in the middle of the RSS feed list. Figure 13.11 shows that the reader is paused since the button btnAdd s text says RESUME. With the additional features that we
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After creating these two files, make sure you put them in the directory structure that is described by the project. For instance, in this recipe, they should be in the same directory, one level above the source directory. From a command prompt, change to the directory and execute the following command:
Finally, in order to write some data to the log as shown in figure 6.3, you need to write a message to the log on page load. Add the following code to the Page_Load event of the ASP.NET page:
Translates text embedded in files using Resource Bundle files.
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