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If this were part of a real application, it might make sense to make this an AJAX-enabled web site and wrap all this in an UpdatePanel to get much snappier performance. For this example, that is neither necessary nor particularly noticeable.
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Selecting states or trigger actions with button fields
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Once upon a time, there was Ant. It was a good, established tool used to build applications in Java shops. It was ported to work in the .NET world and called NAnt (Not an Ant). From its Java ancestor, it inherited the XML declarative automation description language.
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So when you need to maintain state in your applications and your clients are Java SE clients, then the first two options we discussed earlier may be more difficult to implement. Hence, stateful session beans are probably the only viable option as long as you carefully weigh the performance considerations we outlined earlier. We ll close our discussion on session beans by outlining some best practices for session beans that you can use to build your application s business logic.
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AspectC++: AspectWerkz: DemeterJ: Java Aspect Components (JAC): JBoss/AOP: JMangler: Nanning Aspects: Pythius:
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public interface ThreadPool { public boolean putThread(Thread thread); public Thread getThread();
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Ligatures are another example involving advanced typography.
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To see how this works, you ll have to add some tables to the O/R Designer. Switch to the Database Explorer, expand Northwind, and expand the Tables folder. Now drag the Orders table directly onto the O/R Designer. If you get a message asking whether you want to copy the data to this project, click Yes. It may take a minute, but you ll see the Orders table represented visually, with icons for each of the columns in the table, and a key icon indicating the primary key for this table. Now drag on the Order Details and Products tables as well. These tables are also represented visually, and the connections between them are shown as well. You can drag them around to see them better if you like, but your IDE should look something like Figure 21-3 now. Notice in Figure 21-3 that the arrows from both the Order and Product tables point toward the Order Details table. That s because the primary key from each of those two tables is used as a foreign key in Order Details. Switch back to the Solution Explorer and take a look at what s happened here. Double-click DataClasses1.dbml.layout. You ll be told the file is already open, and you ll be asked whether you want to close it. Click Yes. When the file opens, you ll see a lot of XML. This is the markup representation of what you just created visually. For the most part, you ll never need to look at this file, but we wanted you to see what the O/R Designer does for you.
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Listing 4.7 Using bind for form validation
Classes can derive from only one class (and if it doesn t explicitly derive from a class, it implicitly derives from Object).
You see a file s code in an editing window whenever you single-click a .h or .m file. If this window isn t big enough, you can instead double-click to get a brand-new window. The editing window includes a number of nice features: Autocompletion Whenever you write code in the editing window, Xcode tries to autocomplete words for you. This includes framework methods, your own methods, and even variable names. For methods, it goes a step further and shows you the standard arguments you should pass. If you don t like what you see, keep typing; but if you do like it, press the Tab key, and the rest will be inserted. We ve torn out our hair way too many times due to misbehaving code that turned out to be the result of a typo. Xcode s autocompletion can easily resolve that problem in advance. Class controls Ctrl-click the class name in an @implementation line, and you ll see a Refactor option. Select this option to not only change the name of your class in all files but also modify the names of the files for that class. Also see variable controls for a similar feature.
JAX-RPC also maps nillable types (types that can be null), based on XML Schema builtin types, to Java primitive wrappers. For example, a nillable xsd:int type would map to a java.lang.Integer type, and a nillable xsd:double would map to a java.lang.Double type. In addition, JAX-RPC defines a mapping between complex types defined in the WSDL <types> element and Java bean classes. When a service is deployed, the proxy, which implements the endpoint interface, is generated from the <binding> and <port> definitions. The JAX-RPC proxy translates the messaging style specified by the <binding> definition into a marshaling algorithm for converting method calls made on the endpoint stub into SOAP request and reply messages. Charge-It s WSDL document defines the following <binding> element:
Hibernate Search doesn t read metadata annotations from interfaces, but you can, of course, map the implementation class and its properties.
Errors happen all the time; they re a fact of life: Despite the best efforts of Microsoft Word, an army of highly skilled reviewers and editors, and even your authors, it would be surprising if there wasn t a typographical error in a book of this length. Although they are relatively few and far between, there are bugs in the .NET Framework hence the need for occasional service packs. You might type your credit card number for an online transaction and accidentally transpose two digits; or forget to type in the expiration date. Like it or not, we re going to have to face up to the fact that there are going to be errors of all kinds to deal with in our software too. In this chapter, we ll look at various types of errors, the tools that C# and the .NET Framework give us to deal with them, and some strategies for applying those tools. First, we need to recognize that all errors are not made the same. We ve classified a few of the more common ones in Table 6-1.
In the example an anonymous function, accepting a File as a parameter, is assigned to the action variable of a FileSystemWalker class instance. Anonymous functions similar to this are used extensively for event handling in JavaFX Script, instead of Java s class-heavy listener model.
silver the df (document frequency) is still only 1, because even though it appears twice, both occurrences are in the same document. In columns (9) to (12) we compute term weights with tf * idf. The final step is to take these weights and perform a similarity analysis, treating these weights as vector coordinates.
Statement 1 Statement 2 Statement 3 Statement 4 Statement 5 End method
/ImageI], /XObject=Dictionary, /Font=Dictionary) Subdictionary /XObject = (/Xf2=Stream of type: /XObject, /Xf1=Stream of type: /XObject) Subdictionary /Font = (/F1=Dictionary of type: /Font) Subdictionary /F1 = (/Type=/Font, /BaseFont=/Helvetica, /Subtype=/Type1, /Encoding=/WinAnsiEncoding) - - - - - XObject Summary - - - - - ------ /Xf2 - subtype = /Form = 671 bytes -----... ------ /Xf2 - subtype = /FormEnd of Content----------- /Xf1 - subtype = /Form = 162 bytes -----... ------ /Xf1 - subtype = /FormEnd of Content------ - - - - Content Stream - - - - - ... - - - - - Text Extraction - - - - - Day 1 FOOBAR FILM FESTIVAL 2011-10-12 ...
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