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Example A-57. The XAML for Exercise 19-2 (continued)
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Retrieving objects efficiently
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d Accessor methods
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cboMonth.AddItem "January" cboMonth.ItemData(cboMonth.NewIndex) = 1 cboMonth.AddItem "February" cboMonth.ItemData(cboMonth.NewIndex) = 2 ... cboMonth.AddItem "December" cboMonth.ItemData(cboMonth.NewIndex) = 12
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Listing 7.7 The RenderEditorPart method allows us to customize the rendering of the outer area of each editor part including its header and footer sections.
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Leveraging existing ASP.NET features
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Filtering for expressions (where)
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Content Static files such as CSS and images Controllers Your application s controller classes Models Your application s models Scripts JavaScript files Views Your application s views
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draw data matrix
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This code applies the filter to the name column in the events table, and to the last_name column in the attendees table. To apply the filters, you must explicitly enable them at the Session level:
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> ajc > java Test Hello! Wanna learn AspectJ Hello! Harry, having fun
Dynamic search techniques Using XSLT to translate XML to HTML Bookmarking dynamic information Building a live search component
Figure 9.3 shows a form you created in section 8.5 (see figure 8.6) opened with the Adobe Reader plug-in in Google Chrome. I ve manually filled out the form with my name, login, and the most obvious reason why I want to visit the Foobar Film Festival. I ve also added buttons to the form that will allow you to submit this data to a server. There are four ways to submit this data:
cover Lucene s scoring methodology and run through examples of how to change document scores. We ll build our own classes and extend others to score things the way we want them. Finally, we ll talk about document relevance and how to improve it. There s a lot to cover here, so let s get started.
var suggestOptions = { matchAnywhere : true, ignoreCase : true }; function injectSuggestBehavior() { suggest = new TextSuggest( 'field1', 'typeAheadXML.aspx', suggestOptions ); } );
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