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The implementation phase
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1. The RPC game has a good set of state changes, but the context switching is rather simple based entirely on the previous state. Add some characteristics to the player (e.g., strength, stamina) that become part of the context and can make the state changes more interesting. 2. Investigate whether the IState class and the rest of the State classes could have been programmed as an interface and classes, without virtual methods. Explain the difference between the two techniques. 3. Program up the frequent flyer example mentioned in the illustration. Decide in advance what falls into the Context and what are the States.
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UserTransaction utx = (UserTransaction) new InitialContext() .lookup("java:comp/UserTransaction"); Session session1 = null; Session session2 = null; try { utx.begin(); session1 = auctionDatabase.openSession(); session2 = billingDatabase.openSession(); concludeAuction(session1); billAuction(session2); session1.flush(); session2.flush(); utx.commit(); } catch (RuntimeException ex) { try {
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Figure 2.17 The wizard allows us to choose which methods of the object data source will perform data operations such as Select, Update, Insert, and Delete.
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#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w use strict; use Getopt::Long; use PDL; use PDL::IO::Pic; use PDL::Image2D; my ($divider, $bias); my $matrix_file; my $output_type; GetOptions( "matrix-file=s" "output-type=s" "divider=i" "bias=i" );
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21: Reporting
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Introducing associations
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public virtual ActionResult LogOff() { FormsService.SignOut(); return RedirectToAction(MVC.Home.Index()); }
We create a web page displaying the original time that the page was created. A button is provided allowing the user to invoke a server-side operation. Server processes the operation and returns the result. The client user interface is updated with the result of the server-side operation.
You ll implement the server-side method in the code behind file, default.aspx.vb. Copy the highlighted code from Example 5-5 to the code skeleton for ServerValidator you created above.
7: Classes and Objects
' ----- Successful login. LoggedInUserID = CInt(dbInfo!ID) LoggedInUserName = CStr(dbInfo!LoginID) ...
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10.1.1 The big picture
Listing 2.29 Binding between variables
Using addTarget:action:forControlEvents:
Digital signing occurs via the SignedXml class (in the System.Security.Cryptography.Xml namespace). This class uses a few different signing methods; the one I chose (XmlDsigCanonicalizationUrl) is used for typical XML and ignores embedded comments.
Create a directory for <target name="build.manifest"> the manifest if necessary <mkdir dir="${manifest.dir}"/> <fileset dir="${lib.dir}" id="lib.fileset"/> Create a fileset with Check if we ve added any new JARs <dependset> all of the third<srcfileset refid="lib.fileset"/> party JARs <targetfileset dir="$manfest.dir}" includes="MANIFEST.MF"/> </dependset> <script language="beanshell"><![CDATA[ Start a script using import*; BeanShell as the import*; language import*;
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