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Encoder Quick Response Code in Java AspectJ: syntax basics

This will set FlushMode to COMMIT for all queries executed within the active persistence context. On the other hand, if you want to set FlushMode on a per-query basis, you can do this:
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@Stateless public class MyEJBBean implements MyEJBLocalBusiness { @Resource(mappedName="topic/MyTopic") private javax.jms.Topic myTopic; }
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Using TortoiseSVN, you can right-click an artifact and tell Subversion to ignore it. After you mark a file or directory to be ignored, you have to commit it to the repository. If you want to include something you ve ignored earlier, choose Add from the TortoiseSVN context menu.
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In general, this is a simple application of lessons you ve already learned. It s also an interesting application of the internet to Core Location. The only thing particularly innovative comes in the Core Location delegate B, where you create a GeoNames URL using the format documented at the GeoNames site. Then you watch the start tags C, content D, and end tags E and use those to derive altitude the same way that you pulled out XML information when you were reading RSS feeds. As we mentioned in chapter 10, the result should be an altitude that s much more reliable than what the iPhone and iPad can currently provide, unless you re in a tall building, in an airplane, or hang gliding. To date, all the examples of web parsing have involved simple GET connections, where you can encode arguments as part of a URL. That won t always be the case on the web; so before we leave web pages behind, we ll return to some basics of URL requests and look at how to POST information to a web page when it becomes necessary.
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Exercise 1-1. Write an application that emits the words What a great book! to the console window. Hint: open Visual Studio, create a console application, and, if you get stuck, consider copying or modifying the code shown in the chapter. Remember, these exercises are for your own edification, no one is grading them, and making mistakes is an opportunity to explore and learn more this is true in just about everything except nuclear physics. So, Don t Panic!
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This query returns all users with a firstname that starts with %Foo. HQL and JPA QL support arithmetic expressions:
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Bitter interfaces
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The @Local annotation can be applied on a bean class or on a business interface. The class element is used to specify the name of the interface when @Local is applied on the bean class. javax.ejb.RemoteHome and javax.ejb.LocalHome The RemoteHome and LocalHome annotations are used for backward compatibility with EJB 2 session bean clients. You can use these annotations with EJB 3 session beans that provide an EJB 2 client view.
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var computer = new Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices.Computer(); lblMachineName.Text = Environment.MachineName;
Or perhaps a site that s down might have a response that looks like this:
SQL Azure and relational data
drawAtPoint:blendMode:alpha: drawInRect:
Mobile Phone
Setting up an SQLite database
Naturally, an interceptor that wraps the getAuction() and endAuction() methods and supplies the correct EntityManager instance can be more convenient. It also avoids the concern leaking upward to the presentation layer. You d get this interceptor for free if you wrote your controller as a stateful EJB session bean. When you try to apply this strategy with an extended persistence context that spans the whole conversation, you ll probably run into an issue that can break atomicity of the conversation automatic flushing. Preventing automatic flushing Consider the following conversation, which adds an event as an intermediate step:
8.6.1 Getting started
account = (Account) sqlMap.queryForObject( "Account.getByIdValue", new Integer(1));
XSLT processing overview
Extending to binary formats Before leaving the subject of interface rendering with XSLT, we should highlight the abilities of XSLT formatting objects. A popular requirement for advanced web applications today is to dynamically generate binary files that are more difficult or impossible to manipulate once generated.
Executing test cases using a UI
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