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If you already have a reference to your queue, getting a message is as simple as calling GetMessage. There s one override that lets you determine the visibility timeout of the get. We ll discuss the lifecycle of a message in section 16.4. Getting the contents of the message, so that you can work with it, is quite simple, especially if it was string data and not binary data:
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Look at the tabs below the code window if you re using Visual Studio, you ll find a Locals window and an Autos window, possibly as tabs in a single window along with some others. If you re using C# Express, the Autos window won t be there, but Locals will be. Both of these display your local variables. The difference is that the Autos window shows variables used in the current statement and the previous statement. (The current statement is the statement at the current execution location,
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Listing 5.3 Getting SharedPreferences data stored in a different application
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Table 11-2. Pattern interactions (continued) Pattern Command Composite Decorator Fa ade Factory Method Flyweight Interpreter Iterator Mediator Memento Observer Prototype Proxy Singleton State Strategy Template Method Visitor Fa ade, Abstract Factory Flyweight Decorator, Flyweight, Template Method Factory Method, Strategy Iterator, Composite, Interpreter Interacts with or supports Memento, Composite Builder, Decorator, Flyweight, Interpreter, Visitor, Chain of Responsibility, Command, Iterator Composite, Strategy Singleton Abstract Factory, Template Method Composite, Interpreter, Strategy, State Composite, Flyweight, Visitor Visitor, Memento, Composite Observer Iterator, Command Mediator Abstract Factory
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Listing 13.13 shows the function SetClass()b, which has a parameter, xClass, passed to it. This parameter allows us to track the current state of our transition effect without using another global variable. We call this function for every step of our transition to update the status until the fading transition is complete. Since we are dealing with five CSS classes, we need to verify that the current step of our transition c has a value under five. If that s the case, we know that there are still more CSS classes that need to be applied to our transition. If we are below five, we apply the next CSS class to the element. We reference the attribute className d and apply the next class to the element.
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The Products link now supplies an additional parameter to the ActionLink method to render the rel attribute, in the form of an anonymous type B. The LocalSiteMap
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Why issue warnings when you can fix it In many situations, it is possible to fix policy violations using AspectJ instead of issuing warnings or errors at either runtime or compile time. However, fixing the problem will force you to include the aspects in the deployed system, and that will remove the choice of not using AspectJ in the deployed system. If you want to preserve that choice, it is important that the policy enforcements do not change the core program behavior in any way. They should simply add notifications to inform you of policy violations.
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Most Hibernate projects we have worked on use the SchemaExport task, which makes it a good candidate for reuse. Now that you have the SchemaExport task running correctly, let s go ahead and extract the schema-export target from our project build file into our reusable hibernate-build.xml file. We also want to rename a few properties and paths, so that the schema-export target is less coupled to our build.xml file. Go ahead and add the following code to the hibernate-build.xml:
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Using SQLite
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Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
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5. False. The parentheses in this expression could drive you mad, but you don t actually need to bother with them. Take a look at the second half of the expression, on the right side of the &&. You ll see (x == y). You know that (x == y) is false. Because anything && false evaluates to false, you don t need to bother with that nest of parentheses on the left. No matter what the left side evaluates to, the whole expression will be false. This is called short-circuit evaluation. Solution to Question 4-10. The correct order of operations is:
The .NET Object |
Master pages Create web sites with a consistent layout and user interface. Master Pages are covered in 6. Rich controls A subset of ASP.NET controls that implement complex features such as menus, tree views, and wizards. AJAX controls A new set of controls that provide client-side asynchronous and partial-page postbacks, including the ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, and Timer. AJAX is covered in detail in the next chapter. AJAX Toolkit Controls An expanding set of controls based on AJAX that provide enhanced client-side functionality without the need to write JavaScript, such as watermarks, collapsing panels, and pop ups.
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