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Passing parameters to MSBuild scripts
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18.6.3 Playing complex sounds If you need to do something fancier than playing a short 30-second sound, you ll need to fall back on Audio Queue Services. This will allow you to play longer sounds, play
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ClickBox.prototype.hide=function(){ var bod=this.body; bod.className='box3'; if (unlinkOnHide){ bod.parentNode.removeChild(bod); } if (breakCyclics){ bod.backingObj=null; this.body=null; } }
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A client-side event viewer
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See section 11.2, Aligning text in graphics. for an example on how to use this information to correctly align strings with GD. 11.1.2
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Read an image from a scalar.
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There is just one thing to watch out for: If BillingDetails was mapped with lazy="true" (which is the default), Hibernate would proxy the defaultBillingDetails association target. In this case, you wouldn t be able to perform a typecast to the concrete class CreditCard at runtime, and even the instanceof operator would behave strangely:
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protected override WebPartDisplayModeCollection CreateDisplayModes() { WebPartDisplayModeCollection modes = base.CreateDisplayModes(); modes.Insert(0, new CustomDisplayMode()); return modes; }
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The purpose of this section is to introduce the topic of memory management in Ajax programming. Some of the ideas are applicable to any programming language; others are peculiar to Ajax and even to specific web browsers. A running application is allocated memory by the operating system. Ideally, it will request enough to do its job efficiently, and then hand back what it doesn t need. A poorly written application may either consume a lot of memory unnecessarily while running, or fail to return memory when it has finished. We refer to the amount of memory that a program is using as its memory footprint. As we move from coding simple, transient web pages to Ajax rich clients, the quality of our memory management can have a big impact on the responsiveness and stability of our application. Using a patterns-based approach can help by producing regular, maintainable code in which potential memory leaks are easily spotted and avoided. First, let s examine the concept of memory management in general.
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A Java enum property can be mapped either to the string representation or to the numeric ordinal number of the enum value. For example, let s say we want an Employee entity property that designates the kind of employee: manager or peon. This could be represented in a Java enum like so:
Listing 16.1 Sample HTML page
Building the results span The use of JavaScript to manipulate the current document is normally considered to be DHTML. In this example, we are taking a two-dimensional array and turning it into lines of text on the screen. Looking back at figure 10.4, we see a list of words that have a portion of their text underlined. The underlined text is the text that matches what the user entered. We are going to display those words in the span element. The BuildList() function that we create in listing 10.13 utilizes a series of three functions. The functions include finding the matched words, setting the position of the span, and formatting the results with the underline.
Technically, when you pass a reference type, the reference itself is passed by value; but the copy that is made is a copy of a reference, and thus that copy points to the same (unnamed) object on the heap as did the original reference object. That is how you achieve the semantics of pass by reference in C# using pass by value. However, that s all behind-the-scenes stuff, and it s acceptable to say that you re passing objects by reference.
Listing 6.1
As you ve now seen, JavaFX Script value types and sequences house some pretty powerful features. Chief among them is the ability to bind data into automatically updating chains, slashing the amount of code we have to write to keep our UI up to date. String formatting and sequence manipulation also offer great potential when used in a graphics and animation-rich environment. And speaking of animation, there was one small piece of the JavaFX Script s data syntax we missed in this chapter. JFX provides a literal syntax for quick and easy creation of points on an animation time line, using the keywords at and tween. This is quite a specialist part of the language, without application beyond of the remit of animation. Because it s impossible to demonstrate how this syntax works without reference to the graphics classes and packages it supports, I ve held over discussion of this one small part of the language for a later chapter. In the next chapter we ll complete our tour of the JavaFX Script language by looking at the meat of the language, the stuff that actually gets our data moving.
You can change the default values for each of these items in the DSService.exe.config file, but it s recommended that you use the default values. In development storage, there s no ability to create or host multiple storage accounts and there s no Azure portal, so you can t easily generate a new key. The endpoints and URI structure also differ from the live system. With that knowledge in hand, let s look at how you can use this information to access your account in code.
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