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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 11, Snippet Item 3.
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After you write your program in an editor and save it to disk, you must compile it. Compiling is the process of turning the code that you can read into code that the machine can read. For that, you need a compiler. Then, once you ve compiled the program, you need to run and test it. The job of the compiler is to turn your source code into a working program. It turns out to be just slightly more complicated than that because .NET uses an intermediate language called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL, sometimes abbreviated as IL). The compiler reads your source code and produces MSIL. When you run the program, the .NET Just In Time (JIT) compiler reads your MSIL code and produces an executable application in memory. You won t see any of this happen, but it s a good idea to know what s going on behind the scenes.
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Many developers still like to work with an autocommit mode, often for reasons that are vague and not well defined. Let s first debunk a few of these reasons before we show you how to access data nontransactionally if you want (or have) to:
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A long session is a Hibernate session that spans a whole application transaction, allowing reuse of persistent instances across multiple database transactions. This approach avoids the need to reassociate detached instances created or retrieved in previous database transactions. A session contains two important kinds of state: It holds a cache of persistent instances and a JDBC Connection. We ve already stressed the importance of not holding database resources open across multiple requests. Therefore, the session needs to release its connection between requests, if you intend to keep it open for more than one request. The disconnect() method releases the session s JDBC connection without closing the session; the reconnect() method acquires a new connection for the same session. These methods let you have a session that spans multiple requests (a long session) without tying up expensive resources. Currently, we re storing the session only in a ThreadLocal. Since each request is processed in a different thread, and since the session is now to be reused in multiple requests, we need a different solution. In a servlet-only environment, the perfect place to keep a reference to the Hibernate session between requests is in an HttpSession attribute.
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Example C-14. The markup for Exercise 4-2 (continued)
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<!-- Begin Cactus Configuration --> <servlet> <servlet-name>ServletRedirector</servlet-name> <servlet-class> org.apache.cactus.server.ServletTestRedirector </servlet-class> </servlet> <servlet> <servlet-name>JspRedirector</servlet-name> <jsp-file>/cactus/jspRedirector.jsp</jsp-file> </servlet>
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access relational database data, integrate with third-party transaction monitors (with a little extra effort), build a unified security policy with a central directory, and integrate with key message-oriented middleware vendors.
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Once the transaction manager has been chosen and configured, the DAO elements can be added to the DAO context to define the DAO interfaces and implementations that your context will make available for your application. The <dao> element only has two properties: interface and implementation.
Query q = session.createQuery("from Event where name = "); q.setParameter(0, "Opening Plenary"); List results = q.list();
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string s = currentMsg.AsString;
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