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The second comparison uses an overloaded version of Compare( ), which takes a third Boolean parameter, the value of which determines whether case should be ignored in the comparison. If the value of this ignore case parameter is true, the comparison is made without regard to case. This time the result is 0, indicating that the two strings are identical:
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In this section, we explore some of the goals and challenges common to virtually all pure J2EE presentation layer implementations, one by one.
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With this solution, as long as the drop-down lists have unique names, you will be able to have multiple combination elements on the page without having to separate all of the logic into different server-side pages.
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var myGroups = new [] { new {Name= "Garden", Members = new [] {"pot.jpg", "spring.jpg" "barbeque.jpg", "flowers.jpg"}}, new {Name = "Friends", Members = new [] {"restaurant.jpg", "dinner.jpg"}} };
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In the beginning of section 4.2, we talked about using inline parameter mapping in its simplest form to tell iBATIS the names of properties that we wanted to substitute into your query at runtime. In addition to that, you can provide some of the attributes that external parameter maps allow, such as the database type and a null value placeholder for your parameters, by separating the parameter name, the type, and the null value placeholder with colon characters. The database type is commonly required when you use null-capable columns in your database. The reason for this is that the JDBC API uses this method to send null values to the database:
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Figure 17.4 Creating an issuer is easy with the ACS configuration browser. You ll need to provide both a display name and an official name for the issuer. You can use the tool to automatically create the signing keys.
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Compiling Your code is turned into a machine-readable format when you compile it, not at runtime.
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Listing 7.7
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When building location-aware applications on the Android platform, you ll most often use several key classes. A LocationProvider provides location data using several metrics, and you can access providers through a LocationManager. LocationManager allows you to attach a LocationListener that receives updates when the device location changes. LocationManager also can directly fire an Intent based on the proximity to a specified latitude and longitude. You can always retrieve the last-known Location directly from the manager. The Location class is a Java bean that represents all the location data available from a particular snapshot in time. Depending on the provider used to populate it, a Location may or may not have all the possible data present; for example, it might not include speed or altitude. To get your Wind and Waves sample application started and to grasp the related concepts, you first need to master the LocationManager.
The Microsoft Ajax Library extracts information about the browser that is rendering the page from the DOM s navigator object. This information is stored in an object called Sys.Browser, which you can use to perform browser detection on the client side. To see browser detection in action, the code in listing 2.8 displays a message with the name and the version of the detected browser.
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<class name="Bid" table="BID"> ... <many-to-one name="item" column="ITEM_ID" class="Item" not-null="true" insert="false" update="false"/> </class>
sub read_kernel { my $file = shift || die "Need a matrix file name\n"; local(*KERNEL); open(KERNEL, $file) or die "$file: $!\n"; my @cols = rcols *KERNEL, {EXCLUDE => '/(^#)|(^\s*$)/'}; die "Matrix file has no values" unless @cols; my $kernel = cat(@cols)->xchg(0,1); $divider = $kernel->sum unless $divider; die "Divider cannot be zero\n" unless $divider; $kernel /= $divider; return $kernel; }
Using Xcode
3: C# Language Fundamentals
< xml version="1.0" > <configuration xmlns=""> <connectionStrings> <add name="AdventureWorksConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=.\sql2k5; Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks; Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> </connectionStrings> <system.web></system.web> </configuration>
Full system testing
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