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Now let s modify TestAspect to use the perthis() association.
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The feed is rendered by a simple view shown in listing 22.5 that will create an unordered list of the items in the RSS feed. The code is pretty simple in this view. It loops over a collection of System.ServiceModel.Syndication.SyndicationFeed objects and displays the Title and Author for each item. If a developer needs to control the HTML for this widget, the great thing about a portable area is that we can override this view and still take advantage of the controller and SyndicationService provided by the component. Using the portable area isn t an allor-nothing decision. Because the portable area is built on top of the MVC 2 areas implementation, it s easy to start taking control back from the component and providing our own implementation code. This can be considered incremental customization. The view for displaying the RSS feed is shown in listing 22.5.
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A quick warning: although these are functionally equivalent, you cannot use an Action<Document> polymorphically as a DocumentProcess they are, of course, different classes under the covers. We re choosing between an implementation that uses a type we re declaring ourselves, or one supplied by the framework. Although there are sometimes good reasons for going your own way, it is usually best to take advantage of library code if it is an exact match for your requirement.
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Application- and service-layer patterns
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19.6 Drawing on a picture: an example
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We need to consider one other important element when thinking about the iPhone output: its ability to display in two different orientations, 480x320 or 320x480. Each orientation has its own advantages. The portrait orientation is great for listings, while the landscape orientation is often easier to read. Each of these orientations also shows off the iPhone s chrome in a different way. This chrome will vary from one SDK program to another, but it s consistent when view-
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dict.put(PdfName.ACTUALTEXT, new PdfString("Seven Samurai.")); cb.beginMarkedContentSequence(new PdfName("Span"), dict, true); cb.setFontAndSize(bf2, 12); cb.showText("\u4e03\u4eba\u306e\u4f8d"); cb.endMarkedContentSequence(); cb.endText();
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public class JAXPandDOM
<compiler id="studio" name="msvc"> <compilerarg value="/G6"/> <compilerarg value="/W3"/> <compilerarg value="/Ze"/> <compilerarg value="/Zc:forScope" if=""/> <defineset> <define name="_CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC" if="build.debug.istrue"/> </defineset> </compiler>
adding an author, but then the user clicks the Cancel button (which normally returns a 1 value to indicate no record added ) To avoid that, the SaveFormData function sets a class-level variable named SessionSaved:
The parent of this group can t be used as a parameter for the beginLayer() method. The PdfLayer object returned by createTitle() is a structural element and doesn t represent an OCG.
Quoting SQL identifiers
D Run optimization
This code implements a simple UI that displays three distinct buttons. As each is selected, a particular Activity is started in a synchronous, call/return fashion. The Activity is started with a call to startActivityForResult D. When the called Activity is complete, the results are returned to the FieldService Activity via the onActivityResult method E. An instance of the Prefs class B, C is used to obtain values for displaying in the UI. Updating the UI is accomplished in the method RefreshUserInfo F. Because the settings are so important to this application, the next section covers the management of the user and server values.
Listing 4.6
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