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Enticing the user to click a button
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10.2.2 Testing the server-side code It is important to test the server-side code when you are working with Ajax since JavaScript is known for its problems, the causes of which are hard to find. Improvements have been made with Mozilla s JavaScript console, but it is always a good idea to make sure that the server is performing properly to eliminate the chances of error. We have two options for testing the server-side code. Since we will be using the HTTP POST method with our XMLHttpRequest object, either we have to create a simple form with two textboxes and submit it to the server-side page, or we can comment out the lines that check for the form submission and hard-code values in its place. As you can see in the partial code listing in listing 10.2, the form request statements are commented out and replaced with hard-coded values.
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Configuration cfg = new Configuration(); cfg.addSqlFunction( "lpad", new StandardSQLFunction("lpad", Hibernate.STRING) ); ... cfg.buildSessionFactory();
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entity-listeners pre-persist post-persist pre-remove post-remove pre-update post-update post-load attributes
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3: Introducing the Project
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Table 9.2 Command-line hbm2ddl configuration options Option --quiet --drop --text --output=filename --config=filename --properties=filename --format --delimiter=x; Description Don t output the script to stdout. Only drop the tables and clean the database. Don t export the DDL directly to the database, but only to stdout. Output the DDL script to the given file. Read the database configuration from a Hibernate XML configuration file. Read database properties from a Hibernate properties file. Format the generated SQL nicely in the script instead of using one row for each statement. Set an end-of-line delimiter for the script (usually a semicolon). The default is to not output an end-of-line delimiter. This delimiter is used only in textual output; it isn t relevant if the DDL is executed immediately.
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Deploying Dashcode projects
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int ch; while ((ch = > 0 ) { if (((char) ch) == marker) { char[] end = new char[readLength];,0,readLength); quotePage.append(new String(end)); break; } } in.close(); } catch (IOException ex) { System.out.println("Exception reading quote from HTTP Connection " + ex.getMessage()); } return quotePage.toString();
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Page content and structure
public class SavingsAccount extends Account { ... public SavingsAccount(int accountNumber, boolean isOverdraft) { super(accountNumber); _isOverdraft = isOverdraft; Object } public SavingsAccount(int accountNumber) { this(accountNumber, false); } ... }
We ve discussed Asian languages written vertically. Now let s find out how to write Semitic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic; these are written from right to left.
All this inserting, deleting, and reversing may seem pretty useful, but perhaps some of you are worried about how much processing power it takes to chop and change large runs of data during the course of a program s execution. Because sequences aren t merely simple arrays, the answer is surprisingly little.
BooleanQuery query = new BooleanQuery(); query.add(new BooleanClause(new TermQuery( new Term(FIELD_NAME, "spielberg")), BooleanClause.Occur.MUST)); TermQuery war = Double the query new TermQuery(new Term(FIELD_NAME, "war")); boost factor war.setBoost(2.0F); BooleanClause c = new BooleanClause(war, BooleanClause.Occur.SHOULD); query.add(c); System.out.println(query.toString());
Our Struts config file begins with a declaration of the DTD, so as well as being able to verify that the file is well formed, the task can validate it against the DTD:
Airborne is true after
button.setBackgroundColor(new GrayColor(0.75f)); button.setBorderColor(GrayColor.GRAYBLACK); Sets button color and button.setBorderWidth(1); style button.setBorderStyle( PdfBorderDictionary.STYLE_BEVELED); button.setTextColor(GrayColor.GRAYBLACK); Sets button button.setFontSize(12); text button.setText("Push me"); button.setLayout( PushbuttonField.LAYOUT_ICON_LEFT_LABEL_RIGHT); Sets button button.setScaleIcon(PushbuttonField.SCALE_ICON_ALWAYS); icon button.setProportionalIcon(true); button.setIconHorizontalAdjustment(0); button.setImage(Image.getInstance(IMAGE)); field = button.getField(); Creates field.setAction( button field PdfAction.javaScript("this.showButtonState()", writer)); writer.addAnnotation(field);
set filter private void UpdateFilter() { string filterExpression = null;
fix their problem and return to their work without having to manually track an administration page or make a phone call to resolve their issue. A GridView control is used to display a grid of all web parts for the target page to the user and is presented in such a way that the user can see the Name of the web part, the Zone that contains the web part, its index within that zone, and a delete button for each web part. ObectDataSource and command parameter controls The final control on the page is an ObjectDataSource. This control is bound to the custom WebPartsAdministration business class that we built, and is configured to use the GetWebParts method as its SelectCommand and the DeleteWebPart method as its DeleteCommand. Command parameters are used to tell these methods where to go for their argument data. The ObjectDataSource control is a specific type of the new DataSource control and is used to perform two-way data binding between data sources and data-bound controls. There are also specific DataSource controls for performing data binding to SQL Server data sources and XML data sources; however, binding directly to business objects is convenient as it allows us to ensure that certain business rules can be enforced when dealing with application data. In the following code segment, notice that the GetWebParts method expects two arguments and the DeleteWebPart method expects three. Also note how these are all passed in through command parameters configured within the ObjectDataSource. In the same code segment, note the flexibility we have with command parameters for binding to many different targets. Specifically, using these command parameter objects, we can bind method arguments directly to Querystring values, Form values, Cookies, Session items, and even Controls on the web page. An example is where we bind the ID method argument of the DeleteWebPart method directly to the SelectedValue property of the GridView control. In fact, to highlight just how flexible the command parameters are, you may notice that the HttpContextParameter is a custom parameter class because it has a control prefix of portal: instead of the standard asp: control prefix used for the in-built ASP.NET controls. The following fragment shows the entire code for the custom HttpContextParameter class:
Table 9.1 OpenGL primitives and their descriptions Description
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