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Your setup of an Interface Builder object begins, pretty typically, inside its controller s viewDidLoad method. Here you turn the text field s keyboard s Return key into a bright blue Done key B, to make it clear that s how you get out. You accomplish this by using part of the UITextInputTraits protocol, which defines a couple of common features for objects that use keyboards. To do anything else, you need to declare a delegate for the UITextField that will follow the UITextFieldDelegate protocol. This can be done either by setting the text field s delegate property in Xcode or by drawing a delegate link in Interface Builder. (This sample code presumes you ve taken the easier solution of doing so in Interface Builder.) Once you ve done that, you can modify the textFieldShouldReturn: delegate method. We re assuming that the view controller has been set as the delegate, which would be typical, and which allows you to do this work C in the same view controller class file. Finally, you just enter two standard lines of code into this delegate method. They tell the text field to let go of first-responder status (which, as we ve previously noted, is what s necessary to make a keyboard go away) and return a YES Boolean D. With this code in place, a user will actually be able to get in and out of a UITextField. To use the text field afterward you just need to monitor the text field s
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8.3.3 Writing the SQL in static format
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Stored procedures are often seen as an enemy by Java developers, because they are platform specific (database platform specific, not necessarily operating system specific), which offends the sensibilities of some Java developers. As developers who are more interested in solving problems than using a particular solution, we find stored procedures to be a compelling option for optimization and also for encapsulating the solutions to complex data-centric problems. Don t be an extremist! There are two polar extremes in discussing when to use stored procedures. On one end, you have Java purists who believe that stored procedures are never to be
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There are a few interesting features to point out here before we add a selection statement. First, recall from earlier that the Main method, our program s entry point, is passed a sequence of strings representing the command-line arguments in a variable called args. This sequence is an array, a .NET construct for holding multiple items of
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basedir compression destfile longfile <tarfileset> This is the base directory to look in for things to tar. [File] Set compression method. [none, gzip, bzip2] Set is the name/location of where to create the tar file. [File] Set how to handle long files, those with a path>100 chars. [warn, fail, truncate, gnu, omit] Adds a new fileset with the option to specify permissions.
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We won t cover these parameters much further than this basic information since we do not encourage automatic table creation. Note that the @Column annotation is optional. If omitted, a persistent field or property is saved to the table column matching the field or property name. For example, a property specified by the getName and setName methods will be saved into the NAME column of the table for the entity. Next, let s take a look at a few more annotations applied to entity data, starting with @Enumerated.
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Simulating playing an audio file here. Media played successfully. Simulating a failed video file here. Media did not play successfully.
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This code uses for illustration an example of two people from the head office and one from a branch office communicating about a meeting. The Colleagues are of different types, in that they have different ways of receiving messages: the head office group members always get copies of their own messages (lines 45 46), whereas the branch office members do not (lines 61 63). The Mediator keeps a private delegate called Respond of a public type called Callback (lines 15 16). The Colleagues use the Callback type to ensure that the Receive methods they register at sign-on are compatible. The Mediator also provides Block and Unblock methods that Colleagues can use to sign themselves in and out of the system. Consider the first three actions on the system:
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Keep the size of your persistence context to the necessary minimum. Often, many persistent instances in your Session are there by accident for example, because you needed only a few but queried for many. Make objects persistent only if you absolutely need them in this state; extremely large graphs can have a serious performance impact and require significant memory for state snapshots. Check that your queries return only objects you need. As you ll see later in the book, you can also execute a query in Hibernate that returns objects in read-only state, without creating a persistence context snapshot. You can call session.evict(object) to detach a persistent instance manually from the persistence context cache. You can call session.clear() to detach all persistent instances from the persistence context. Detached objects aren t checked for dirty state; they aren t managed. With session.setReadOnly(object, true), you can disable dirty checking for a particular instance. The persistence context will no longer maintain the snapshot if it s read-only. With session.setReadOnly(object, false), you can re-enable dirty checking for an instance and force the recreation of a snapshot. Note that these operations don t change the object s state.
9.2 Building the ejb.jar file
Basic queries for objects
We don t need to understand the details of this code, any more than we need to understand the proxy code that Axis generates. Note, however, that all the declarations in front of class and methods are attributes; these are like XDoclet tags except that you are really declaring constructors for objects that get serialized into the binary files. At run time, you can introspect the code to see what attributes are associated with the program, the class, the methods, or member variables. In our code, the web service support code in the .NET framework uses our declarations to bind properly to our service at run time. 15.7.3 Writing the C# client class We can now write our C# client:
model just discussed. If a lease were introduced as part of the locking policy, the device could lock the data on the server for a specified time period. During this period of time, no reads or updates from other sources than the device holding the lease would be allowed to occur. However, if the device does not synchronize its copy of the data with the server during the leased time period, and the device does not renew the lease, the lease expires. Once the lease expires the lock is released on the server copy of the data, making it available to others. An example of a lease-locking policy is shown in figure 11.12.
Click on the Post button. The page will be posted back to the server, as indicated by the progress indicator in the status line at the bottom of the browser. However, nothing on the page will change. The contents of the TextBox are preserved by the built-in view state capability of ASP. NET. You have written no code anywhere to do this, it just happens. Looking at the Page_Load event handler, you can see that the Text property of the Label control is set when the page is first loaded, but not on subsequent post back. Ditto for the GridView it is populated only the first time the page is loaded. Again, ASP.NET view state is taking care of preserving the data between postbacks. Now watch what happens when you disable view state for the page. Open Default. aspx in Source view. Add the EnableViewState attribute to the Page directive at the top of the file, and set its value to false, as shown highlighted in the following code snippet:
saveOrder(order); billOrder(order); return order.getOrderId(); } ... } ... package ejb3inaction.example.buslogic; import javax.ejb.Remote; @Remote Defines remote business interface public interface PlaceOrder { void setBidderId(Long bidderId); void addItem(Long itemId); void setShippingInfo(ShippingInfo shippingInfo); void setBillingInfo(BillingInfo billingInfo); Long confirmOrder(); }
@PersistenceUnit(unitName = "actionBazaar") private EntityManagerFactory emf;
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