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kAudioFormatAppleLossless 232 key window, and event response 88 keyboard accessories, custom 358 362 adding view on top of 358 360 clearing 106 custom 361 362 dismissing with UITextView 157 Done button 106 Done key 105 for text object 89 getting rid of 89 relinquishing control after calling up 105 Return key 106 view on top of 360 keyboardIsActive 157 kStateMultiplayerCointoss 308 kSystemSoundID_Vibrate 237 kUTTypeMovie 241
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Polymorphic table per concrete class
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EJB endpoints and transaction attributes
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In listing 6.2, the @ApplicationException annotations on CreditValidationException and CreditProcessingException do not change this default behavior since both would have been assumed to be application exceptions anyway. However, by default, DatabaseException E would have been assumed to be a system
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Cached Bid data is valid indefinitely, because bids are never updated. No cache invalidation is required. (Instances may be evicted by the cache provider for example, if the maximum number of objects in the cache is reached.)
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private Record LoadRecord(int recordId) { ... Code to load the record would go here ... } private bool IsStale(Record result) { ... Code to work out whether the record is stale would go here ... }
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namespace Example_16_6_ _ _ _Exception_Class_Properties { class Tester { public void Run( ) { try { Console.WriteLine("Open file here"); double a = 12; double b = 0; Console.WriteLine("{0} / {1} = {2}", a, b, DoDivide(a, b)); Console.WriteLine("This line may or may not print"); } // most derived exception type first catch (DivideByZeroException e) { Console.WriteLine("\nDivideByZeroException! Msg: {0}", e.Message); Console.WriteLine("\nHelpLink: {0}", e.HelpLink); Console.WriteLine("\nHere's a stack trace: {0}\n",
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</property> <property name="dialect"> org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect </property> <mapping resource="com/manning/hq/ch03/Event.hbm.xml"/> <mapping resource="com/manning/hq/ch03/Location.hbm.xml"/> <mapping resource="com/manning/hq/ch03/Speaker.hbm.xml"/> <mapping resource="com/manning/hq/ch03/Attendee.hbm.xml"/> </session-factory> </hibernate-configuration>
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Every Android phone has a built-in application known as the Android Market; the label of the application says simply Market. This application permits users to browse the extensive catalog of applications by category and price. The best way to get your application onto thousands of Android devices is to publish your application to the Market. This is done through web-based tools found at Checking the validity of an application s license is accomplished by interacting with the License Verification Library (LVL). Interacting with this library requires the inclusion of the package and is beyond the scope of this chapter. Please examine the online documentation found at http://developer. for more details on the LVL.
Data source Name: Bright Red Shirt Description: A bright red shirt Price: $30 URI: Name: Bright Blue Shirt Description: A bright blue shirt Price: $40 URI:
64 | 2: Introducing Visual Basic
Remember that we are working with XML. In the previous example, had we wanted to create a statement named getOrderShippedBefore and make the condition shipDate < #value:DATE# we would have had to use < instead of <, because in XML, the less-than symbol means you are starting a new element. A CDATA section could also be used, but be careful with Dynamic SQL (chapter 9) and CDATA, because Dynamic SQL tags in a CDATA section will not be parsed. Generally, you can get away with > in XML, but it is probably better to be safe and use the > entity instead.
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