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We set up a loop that increments an angle from 0 to 340 degrees in 20 degree steps. Inside this loop we create a GD::Graph::pie object,6 and set its start_angle attribute. We plot the pie, and add the PNG output to the $ani image object with the BlobToImage() method. When all the pies have been created, we set some attributes for the animation, and save it as a GIF. The result is a pie chart that slowly rotates clockwise. A few of the frames are shown in figure 7.3.
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12.2.1 M aking a build script drive your build
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This LINQ query was used earlier to return all entities that reside in the Products table. The following code is an Atom XML extract of one of the entities returned by the preceding LINQ query:
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11: Inheritance and Polymorphism
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Description Name of the discriminator column. Type of discriminator (STRING, CHAR, INTEGER). Defines column. Used for automatic table creation. Length of discriminator column.
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Listing 3.8 (continued)
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Project ROME ( is an open source framework for dealing with RSS feeds, and we ll use it to back our implementation of RssEntry. In returning URLs, it will leverage the ProtectExportUtil:
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You can, of course, combine the call to split with the iteration, as in the following:
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When and How to Fail
but here we ve deliberately created it as a local variable, whose scope is limited to the block in which it is called, that is, the constructor. On the second line of the constructor, we define a function getAge(). Note here that we re defining a function inside another function and that the inner function uses the local variable createTime, belonging to the scope of the outer function. By doing this, and nothing else, we have in fact created a closure. If we define a robot and ask it how old it is once the page has loaded,
The init block assigns the player s current location from the map s start location. isEmpty()returns true if the cell at x and y has no wall. We saw it in action during the update of the 3D maze, determining whether nodes should be visible or invisible. moveRel()accepts three parameters, controlling x movement, y movement, and rotation. It returns true if the move was performed. The parameters are used to move the player relative to the current position and orientation or rotate their view. If rx or ry is not 0, the relative positions are added to the current player location (the rx and ry coordinates are based on the direction the player is currently facing, so the rotateToView()orientates them the same way as the map). If the rt parameter is not 0, it is used to rotate the player s current orientation. rotateToView() is the function we ve seen used repeatedly whenever we needed to translate relative coordinates facing in the player s current orientation to relative coordinates orientated north. If I move forward one cell, the relative movement is x = 0, y = -1 (vertically one cell up, horizontally no cells). But if I m facing east at the time, this needs to be translated to x = 1, y = 0 (horizontally right one cell, vertically no cells) to make sense on the map data. The rotateToView() function translates this player-centric movement into a map-centric movement, returning a sequence of two values: x and y.
To mark an entity as indexed by Hibernate Search, place the @Indexed annotation on the class, as shown in listing 3.1.
initialization 396 Java objects, as facts 412 Jess 417 knowledge base 412 overview 412 Rete algorithm 412 rule invocation 420 RuleML 412 rules 412 sequence diagram 413 415 working memory 412 RuleML business rules, and 393 rule engine 412 run() method example of 224 Jess running engine 422 Runnable and worker object 247 Swing thread-safety, use in 289 Swing, using in 197 198 thread pooling 227 RunnableWithReturn transaction management, example of 384 use of 253, 299 worker object creation pattern 252 runtime policy violation logging 183 RuntimeException 136, 261
Listing 11.11
finish(); } } @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu); menu.add(0,0,"Sign & Close"); menu.add(0,1,"Cancel"); return true; }
listener is new: Seam has to hook into the JSF servlet and listen to the processing of every HTTP request. A custom JSF phase listener integrates Seam with JSF. We presented quite a few new concepts, which you probably have never seen if this is your first contact with Seam. Let s analyze the application in more detail and find out whether the issues we identified earlier for the plain JSF and EJB 3.0 application have been resolved.
10.1.1 Creating a faux 3D effect
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