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In listing 9.9, the query mapped statement getChildCategories takes advantage of categoryCache via the cacheModel attribute, which identifies categoryCache as its associated cache. As users peruse the categories of the shopping cart application, the getChildCategories query mapped statement is called. This causes any child results to be cached. As the cache reaches its size of 50, it begins to remove any aged results from the cache. This causes constantly accessed lists of child categories to remain in the cache longer and provides better performance for the users. If an administrator performs an insert, update, or delete on the categories, a flush is triggered and the buildup of the cached results begins all over. This combination of flushing and culling keeps the child categories fresh and up to date while reducing the constant burden of unnecessary database hits.
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Set the prompt to a more complex one, such as [done] Change to the directory where the files were uploaded Call Ant
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Section 13.2, in its entirety, was devoted to explaining how to extract information from various formats. These extractions could very easily have been implemented as custom bridges. You could have byte arrays (for PDFs) or URLs (for Word documents) passed to these custom bridges and the extraction done there. The big benefit of this is that the bridge could be easily reused anywhere you want. What is the title of this chapter, Don t reinvent the wheel
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The @PostConstruct annotation defines a callback method to be executed at the proper point within the SLSB lifecycle. In this case, initialize() will be invoked by the Container after it has created the bean instance and performed any injection operations. We ve also defined the internal method getCiphersPassphrase(), which we ll use to obtain an externalized parameter as the passphrase (secret key) for use in symmetric encryption.
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Lambda expressions get their name from lambda calculus, which is a complicated topic, but in a nutshell, it s a mathematical notation for describing functions. That s pretty much what s going on here; lambda expressions describe methods without naming them.
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8.2.1 The current solution If you don t use AspectJ, there are two ways to pass the caller s context in a multithreaded environment: you can pass additional parameters containing context or you can use thread-specific storage to set and access the context information. In either case, multiple modules are involved in the logic that is passing the context. The first way of passing a parameter causes API pollution every method in the execution stack must have extra parameters to pass on the context collected. The second way requires the caller to create a ThreadLocal variable to store the context information and set its context. While the second approach avoids API pollution, it entails changes in both caller and callee implementation and requires an understanding of how the context is stored. 8.2.2 An overview of the wormhole pattern The basic idea behind the wormhole pattern, shown in figure 8.1, is to specify two pointcuts: one for the caller and the other for the callee, with the former collecting the context to be transferred through the wormhole. Then you specify the wormhole at the places of execution of the callee s join points in the control flow of a caller s join points.
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Implicit XMLHttpRequest interface
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function CloseCatalogDialog(postbackReference, returnValue) { if( window.opener ) { window.opener.DoCatalogPostBack(postbackReference, returnValue) ; window.opener.focus() ; } self.close() ; }
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Other ways to implement optimistic locking
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The ability to extend classes through inheritance is truly the foundation on which complex yet manageable programs are built in .NET. And they are not overly complex, either. Classes are simple containers for their members, and the variety and complexity of the available members are not that great. So, it s really amazing that you can write almost any type of program, and implement any number of features, using these simple foundational tools. Oh yeah, the Visual Basic language helps, too. As we add code to the Library Project throughout this book, you will become more and more familiar with classes, structures, modules, and their members. And although you ll never remember whether ByRef or ByVal is the default parameterpassing mechanism for methods, you will add properties, methods, events, fields, and other types to classes like you were born with the ability.
E.2 Running the application server and database
Use Ajax to fill in the values; this method posts back to the server to retrieve the values.
Getting started
Observe that you don t need a BaseColor class when writing to the direct content. You can instead use a number of variations on the setColorFill() method. By convention, integers for colors are written in their hexadecimal form in iText. This isn t an obligation, but it improves the readability of the code if you re familiar with the way colors are expressed in HTML. The expression new BaseColor(0, 128, 128) is the equivalent of new BaseColor(0x00, 0x80, 0x80), but in the latter, you ll recognize the HTML notation #008080, aka teal.
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These attributes also work if you re adding Chunks with document.add(). The timetable for the film festival is almost finished, as you can see in figure 3.9.
<input type="text" id="srcText" /> <span id="dstLabel" /> <script type="text/XML Script"> <page xmlns=""> <components> <textBox id="srcText" text="initial text" /> <label id="dstLabel"> <bindings>
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