Swing s single-thread rule in Java

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Strings Are Immutable
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"http://hibernate.sourceforge.net/hibernate-mapping-3.0.dtd" [ <!ENTITY idgenerator "auction.custom.MyOracleGenerator"> ]>
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Table 13.10 A selection of other ways to change state Function CGContextSetAlpha CGContextSetBlendMode Arguments context, alpha context, CGBlendMode Summary Sets alpha transparency Sets blending to one of almost 30 values, which specify how objects laid on top of each other interact with each other Defines the accuracy of curves Defines how to draw the end of a line Describes how to draw dashes along a stroke Defines how lines come together Describes the width of a stroke Sets a shadow behind all drawings Sets a colored shadow behind all drawings
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Enterprise JavaBeans are a complex, yet powerful, addition to the J2EE suite. Ant has what it takes to tackle the additional build chores associated with EJB projects. In the simplest cases with hand-made (or generated using non-Ant-based tools) EJB code, simple compilation and packaging into a JAR file is all that is needed. Larger projects, which are more the norm for EJB use, need more capabilities. Ant, along with some additional open-source tools, provides the features demanded in large-scale EJB projects. Ant s provided <ejbjar> task builds a dynamic number of EJB JARs, in addition to providing vendor-specific build capabilities for many application servers. It uses standard EJB deployment descriptors. These deployment descriptors can be built any number of ways from vendor supplied tools to handcrafting them in a text editor, but XDoclet is our recommended automation tool for EJB code and deployment descriptor generation. Middlegen provides an XDoclet entity bean-generation process based on database metadata. Reverse engineering a schema into entity beans in an Ant-automated way, and employing the other EJB techniques in this chapter, can mean the difference between a smooth-flowing project and one riddled with domino-effect manual maintenance problems. If you are using EJB, do yourself and your project a big favor: investigate these tools and evaluate them for use in your environment.
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The XML sample in listing 1.10 ties an instance of the MessageBean message-driven EJB to a JMS system using a JMS topic. Each particular application server generally has an additional configuration step for EJB deployment. For example, Weblogic uses an additional XML file to describe the behavior of EJBs. Listing 1.11 contains a sample partial XML document for the message bean that specifies the actual JMS topic for the EJB.
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Iteration Statements
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All of the elements for the address information are prefixed with the characters addr:, and all the reservation elements are prefixed with res:. These prefixes allow parsers to identify and separate the elements that belong to the Address markup from those that belong to the Reservation markup. As a result, the address elements can be validated against the Address XSD, and the reservation elements can be validated against the Reservation XSD. The prefixes are assigned using XML Namespace declarations, which are shown in bold in the previous listing. An XML Namespace declaration follows this format:
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Builds an InitialContext instance
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Bitter basics
This sets three properties start.DSTAMP, start.TSTAMP, and start.TODAY with the same formats as the default <tstamp> usage. 3.12.8 Loading properties from an XML file Ant 1.5 includes a handy new task that pulls in properties from an XML file. Hierarchy of the XML file is preserved using dotted property notation. Here is an example of a build scenario in which our build is designed to handle customization for customers. Each customer has a corresponding XML file with specific information, such as a name and possibly some specific implementation details like a custom class name used to override default behavior. For example, Acme, Inc. s definition file, acme.xml, is
GCF interfaces Purpose The most basic type of connection in the GCF. All other connection types extend Connection. Manages a connection, such as HTTP, for passing content, such as HTML or XML. Provides basic methods for inspecting the content length, encoding and type of content. Acts as a container for the data passed on a Datagram Connection. Manages a datagram connection. Manages an input stream-based connection. Manages an output stream-based connection. Manages the capabilities of a stream. Combines the methods of both InputConnection and OutputConnection. Listens to a specific port and creates a StreamConnection as soon as activity on the port is detected.
popular open source log4j framework. So, just as JDBC is a databaseneutral API that abstracts away the specific data, Commons Logging is a logging-neutral API. By default, Hibernate is set up to use log4j, so the path of least resistance is to use that. Hibernate will work just fine without configuring logging, but it will nag you about it. So when you run the SchemaExport task, you will see something like this:
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