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9.3.6 Refreshing entities
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Data and services layer architecture
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Using standard techniques with an SD card
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The Ant build tool
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Root directory of the index directory working copy. Directory name of the working copy index. Defaults to the index name. This value is used in conjunction with indexBase. Root directory of the index directory source. Typically a shared filesystem. Directory name of the source index. Defaults to the index name. This value is used in conjunction with sourceBase. The source index directory is copied to the working directory every refresh seconds. The default value is one hour (3600 seconds).
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698 | Appendix I: Interceptors: TV Channel Service Example
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Return the DocIdSet filter B for a given IndexReader instance.
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 11, Snippet Item 2.
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Automated performance testing with JUnitPerf
UserId id = new UserId("johndoe", 42); User user = (User) session.load(User.class, id);
Many computer games go on for a long time. Having a means to save a game s state so that it can be resumed at a later stage is very handy. It can also be useful to save what are known as checkpoints in a game so that it s possible to return to a previous checkpoint after a disastrous move. For example, here is a description of CilkChess, a chess program produced at MIT:
Finally, the little piece of XML in the next listing will tell Android how to display this type of account in the Manage Accounts screen.
If we consider the MP3 example in the context of Windows Azure, rather than abstracting your application away from a single disk, Windows Azure needs to abstract your application away from the physical server (not just the disk). Your application doesn t have to be directly tied to the storage infrastructure of Azure. You re abstracted away from it so that changes in the infrastructure don t impact your code or application. Also, the data needs to be stored in shared space, which isn t tied to a physical server and can be accessed by multiple physical servers. Figure 1.12 shows this logical abstraction. You can see how storage is logically represented in figure 1.12, but how does this translate into the world of Windows Azure Your services won t always be continually running on the same physical machine. Your roles (web or worker) could be shut down and moved to another machine at any time to handle faults or upgrades. In the case of web roles, the load balancer could be distributing requests to a pool of web servers, meaning that an incoming request could be performed on any machine. To run services in such an environment, all instances of your roles (web and worker) need access to a consistent, durable, and scalable storage service. Windows Azure provides scalable storage service, which can be accessed both inside and outside the Microsoft data centers. When you register for Windows Azure, you ll be able to create your own storage accounts with a set of endpoint URIs that you can use to access access the storage services for your account. The storage services are accessed via a set of REST APIs that s secured by an authentication token. We ll take a more detailed look Disk storage at these APIs in parts 4 and 5 of this book. Windows Azure storage services are hosted in the fabric in the same way as your own roles are hosted. Windows Azure is a Service scalable solution; you never need to worry about running out of capacity.
<class name="Item" table="ITEM"> ... <set name="bids" inverse="true" cascade="save-update"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Bid"/> </set> </class>
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