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for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) heightData[x, y] = input.ReadObject<float>(); Terrain terrain = new Terrain(vb, ib, bEffect, grass, heightData); return terrain; } } So far for the body of the content pipeline, the image that is used as the input of the content pipeline is actually processed into a TerrainContent object in the Process method: [ContentProcessor] public class HeightMapProcessor : ContentProcessor<TextureContent, TerrainContent> { public override TerrainContent Process(TextureContent input, ContentProcessorContext context) { TextureContent usualImage = context.Convert<TextureContent, TextureContent>(input, "TextureProcessor"); usualImage.ConvertBitmapType(typeof(PixelBitmapContent<Color>)); PixelBitmapContent<Color> image = (PixelBitmapContent<Color>)usualImage.Faces[0][0]; float[,] heightData = HeightMapToArray(image); VertexPositionNormalTexture[] vertices = CreateTerrainVertices(heightData); int[] indices = CreateTerrainIndices(heightData); vertices = GenerateNormalsForTriangleStrip(vertices, indices); ExternalReference<TextureContent> grassAsset = new ExternalReference<TextureContent>("Grass.dds"); TextureContent grass = context.BuildAndLoadAsset<TextureContent, TextureContent>(grassAsset, "TextureProcessor"); TerrainContent tc = new TerrainContent(vertices, indices, grass, heightData); return tc; } private float[,] HeightMapToArray(PixelBitmapContent<Color> image) { //see Recipe 5-8 }
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it may be desirable to run the data portal remotely on an application server. 12 will demonstrate how to create the three types of remote data portal hosts for use by the PTWeb application. The web.config file is an XML file that contains settings to configure the website. You use different XML depending on how you want the site configured.
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Throughout this book, you ll be using Visual Studio 2005 to develop AJAX applications using ASP.NET AJAX. Several editions of this application are available to satisfy different needs. You can download the free edition, Visual Web Developer 2005 Express, from the Microsoft Developer Network (http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/vwd). From this page, you can also navigate to the downloads for the other Express editions, including ones for C#, VB .NET, Visual J#, and C++ development. You can use any edition of Visual Studio 2005, including Standard, Professional, or one of the flavors of Team Edition, to build and run the samples included in this book. If you are following along with the figures in this book, you ll see they have been captured on a development system that uses the Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers.
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As noted earlier, a common approach to implementing data-oriented procedural logic is to place it in middle-tier .NET components. Although this incurs the cost of data marshaling, it remains a viable option, even with the advent of SQL Server 2005 and CLR Integration.
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Myth: Most Discriminating Elements Should Be First
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Visual Studio 2010 is available in five main versions: Express Professional ($799) Professional with MSDN ($1199 new or $799 renewal) Premium with MSDN ($5,469 new or $2,299 renewal) Ultimate with MSDN ($11,924 new or $3,841 renewal) Note that these editions also come with free Azure time ( 16). It is likely that the Professional edition will fulfill most developers' needs, but to see what you are missing, I have summarized some of the additional functionality found in the Premium and Ultimate editions in Table 1-1. For a full comparison of features please consult: www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/ en-us/products/2010/default.mspx. Table 1-1. Simplified Comparison of Advanced Version Features
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CHAPTER 6: Multiplatform Game Development: iPhone Games for Linux and Windows
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