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The LoginName Control
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The join Clause
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Checking Rules for All Properties
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But for most applications, the only reason for using null values is the second scenario, and this one is quite common. Any application that uses date values, and for which an empty date is a valid entry, will likely use null to represent an empty date. Unfortunately, a whole lot of poorly designed databases allow null values in columns where neither scenario applies, and we developers have to deal with them. These are databases that contain null values even if the application makes no distinction between a 0 and a null. Writing defensive code to guard against tables in which null values are erroneously allowed can quickly bloat data access code and make it hard to read. To avoid this, the SafeDataReader class takes care of these details automatically, by eliminating null values and converting them into a set of default values. As a rule, data reader objects are NotInheritable, meaning that you can t simply subclass an existing data reader class (such as SqlDataReader) and extend it. However, like the SmartDate class with DateTime, it is quite possible to encapsulate, or wrap, a data reader object.
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The myCar variable has a reference to the first object, and the joesCar variable has a reference to the second object. Figure 6-5 shows the set of objects that we have created.
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The main window of SQLAzureConnect also has a binding source object defined to bind the data source to the data object instance s XML SQLDatabaseAccessRoot as Figure 8-25 shows.
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Create ADO .NET Entity Data Model
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Subtract, as I am doing in Figure 5-34.
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Keyword Parameter list ReturnType this [ Type param1, ... ] { get Square bracket Square bracket { ... } set { ... } } Declaring an indexer is similar to declaring a property. Figure 6-17 shows the syntactic similarities and differences.
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