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Before we look at examples of the asynchronous programming patterns, let s take a closer look at the BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods. Some of the important things to know about BeginInvoke are the following: When calling BeginInvoke, the actual parameters in the parameter list consist of the following: The parameters required by the referenced method Two additional parameters, called the callback parameter and the state parameter BeginInvoke retrieves a thread from the thread pool and starts the referenced method running on the new thread. BeginInvoke returns to the calling thread a reference to an object implementing the IAsyncResult interface. This interface reference contains information about the current state of the asynchronous method. The initial thread then continues execution. The following code shows an example of calling a delegate s BeginInvoke method. The first line declares a delegate type called MyDel. The next line declares a method called Sum, which matches the delegate. The following line declares a delegate object called del, of the delegate type MyDel, and initializes its invocation list with the Sum method. Finally, the last line of code calls the BeginInvoke method of the delegate object, and supplies it with the two delegate parameters 3 and 5, and the two BeginInvoke parameters callback and state, which are set to null in this example. When executed, the BeginInvoke method performs two actions: It gets a thread from the thread pool and starts method Sum running on the new thread, supplying it with 3 and 5 as its actual parameters. It collects information about the state of the new thread and makes it available through a reference to an interface of type IAsyncResult, which it returns to the calling thread. The calling thread stores it in a variable called iar. delegate long MyDel( int first, int second ); // Delegate declaration ... static long Sum(int x, int y){ ... } // Method matching delegate ... MyDel del = new MyDel(Sum); // Create delegate object IAsyncResult iar = del.BeginInvoke( 3, 5, null, null ); Information about Invoke delegate Delegate Extra new thread asynchronously params params
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Hiding Base Class Fields
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As you can see, you re free to define the format in which you want to receive the color. In this case, you specify you want to read the original color in the Color format, but you will specify the new color as a Vector4. Next, you can scan through all pixels of the image and retrieve the original color: for (int x = 0; x < oldImage.Width; x++) for (int y = 0; y < oldImage.Height; y++) { Color oldColor = oldImage.GetPixel(x, y); } Once you know the original color, you can define the corresponding grayscale color. Instead of simply taking the average of the three color components, in imaging people usually assign more importance to the green color channel, because the human eye is more sensitive to this color. Also, when you retrieve the color, each color channel value will be indicated as an integer value between 0 and 255. However, when you want to create a new color, you need to specify your colors as floats between 0 and 1. This means you need to divide the original values by 255 in the for loop: Color oldColor = oldImage.GetPixel(x, y); float grayValue = oldColor.R * 0.299f / 255.0f; grayValue += oldColor.G * 0.596f / 255.0f; grayValue += oldColor.B * 0.211f / 255.0f; float alpha = oldColor.A / 255.0f; Vector4 grayColor = new Vector4(grayValue, grayValue, grayValue, alpha); grayImage.SetPixel(x, y, newColor); This will replace all pixels of your image with their corresponding grayscale values. After the double for loop, which scans through all pixels, make sure you copy the new colors onto the current image face: input.Faces[face][mipLevel] = grayImage;
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Enter locally-managed tablespaces. There are two types: UNIFORM SIZE, whereby every extent in the tablespace is always precisely the same size, and AUTOALLOCATE, whereby Oracle decides how big each extent should be using an internal algorithm. Both of these approaches nicely solve the 99MB of free space/followed by 1MB of used space/followed by 99MB of free space problem. However, they each solve it very differently. The UNIFORM SIZE approach obviates extent trimming from consideration all together. When you use UNIFORM SIZEs, Oracle cannot perform extent trimming. All extents are of that single size none can be smaller (or larger) than that single size. AUTOALLOCATE extents, on the other hand, do support extent trimming, but in an intelligent fashion. They use a few specific sizes of extents and have the ability to use space of different sizes that is, the algorithm permits the use of all free space over time in the tablespace. Unlike the dictionary-managed tablespace, where if you request a 100MB extent, Oracle will fail the request if it can find only 99MB free extents (so close, yet so far), a locally-managed tablespace with AUTOALLOCATE extents can be more flexible. It may reduce the size of the request it was making in order to attempt to use all of the free space. Let s now look at the differences between the two locally-managed tablespace approaches. To do that, we need a real-life example to work with. We ll set up an external table capable of being used in a parallel direct path load situation, which is something that we do frequently. Even if you are still using SQL*Loader to parallel direct path load data, this section applies entirely you just have manual scripting to do to actually load the data. So, in order to investigate extent trimming, we need to set up our example load and then perform the loads under varying conditions and examine the results.
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<table width="400" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="border-width: 0"> <tr> <td style="background-color: #1077AD; height: 5px;"> <span class="style2">Bollinger Band Analytics </span></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <asp:Image ID="imgAnalyticGraph" Width="800px" Height="400px" runat="server" /> </td> </tr> </table>
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int main() { EventReceiver^ receiver = gcnew EventReceiver(); EventSender^ sender = gcnew EventSender(); // Configure the receiver to listen to events // from the specified sender. receiver->SetUpToReceive(sender); MyEventArgs^ myargs = gcnew MyEventArgs("abc"); sender->Fire(myargs); } The output of Listing 7-20 is as follows:
Note This code prints out only five records at most. It was developed to be executed in an empty schema. A
Creating a Simple TCP Client & Server
Figure 3-29. The pivot table, with two calculated items
Messaging Services
// Event handler
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