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SEH Table
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By itself, this doesn t make Invocable that great of an operation but it has a second side: its getInterface() method. With the getInterface() method, you can dynamically create new implementations of interfaces by defining the implementations of an interface s methods in the scripting language. Let s take this one a little more slowly by looking at a specific interface. The Runnable interface has one method: run(). If your scripting language has made a run() method invocable, you can acquire an instance of the Runnable interface from the Invocable engine. First, evaluate a no-argument run() method to make it invocable:
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Integrating Office 2003
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The first place to look is the timing data! (If you are not familiar with key time statistics such as DB CPU and DB time, please see the upcoming Meaning of Key Statistics section for definitions.) Quickly scan the Top 5 Timed Foreground Events to identify the events with the most DB time by percentage. On most systems, it is normal to see DB CPU and waits for user I/O in the top timed events (on this system, they make up 75 percent of the total DB time). The question is to determine how normal it is for this system, by comparing against a known baseline. Event db file sequential read DB CPU library cache pin gc current block 3-way db file scattered read 1,694,234 1,342,612 144,353 2,602 1,298 1,111 2 1 8 Waits 3,152,540 Time(s) Avg wait(ms) %DB time Wait Class 20,938 7 48.31 9,739 5.93 2.92 2.54 User I/O 22.43 Concurrency Cluster User I/O
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Table 8-7. Variant Types Defined in the Runtime
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Object FlowDirection
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Public ReadOnly Property PurchaseOrderNumber() As String Get Return StrPurchaseOrderNumber End Get End Property Finally, execute the workflow and enter an expected date that s in the past. You should get the error message When entering a Purchase Order expected date must be in the future. This shows that the rules were evaluated and the ExpectedDateInPast Terminate activity was executed.
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Introduction to LINQ
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Generalizing Across the Database
Figure 15-12. Comparing a named method and an anonymous method Both sets of code in Figure 15-12 produce the following output: 25 26
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