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The last datatypes to discuss are the ROWID and UROWID types. A ROWID is the address of a row in a table (remember from 10 that it takes a ROWID plus a tablename to uniquely identify a row in a database!). Sufficient information is encoded in the ROWID to locate the row on disk, as well as identify the object the ROWID points to (the table and so on). ROWID s close relative, UROWID, is a universal ROWID and is used for tables, such as IOTs and tables accessed via gateways to heterogeneous databases that do not have fixed ROWIDs. The UROWID is a representation of the primary key value of the row and hence will vary in size depending on the object it points to. Every row in every table has either a ROWID or a UROWID associated with it. They are considered pseudo columns when retrieved from a table, meaning they are not actually stored with the row, but rather are a derived attribute of the row. A ROWID is generated based on the physical location of the row, it is not stored with it. A UROWID is generated based on the row s primary key, so in a sense it is stored with the row, but not really, as the UROWID does not exist as a discrete column, but rather as a function of the existing columns. It used to be that for rows with ROWIDs (the most common type of rows in Oracle; with the exception of rows in IOTs, all rows have ROWIDs), the ROWIDs were immutable. When a row was inserted, it would be associated with a ROWID, an address, and that ROWID would be associated with that row until it was deleted, until it was physically removed from the database. Over time, this is becoming less true, as there are now operations that may cause a row s ROWID to change, for example: Updating the partition key of a row in a partitioned table such that the row must move from one partition to another Using the FLASHBACK table command to restore a database table to a prior point in time MOVE operations and many partition operations such as splitting or merge partitions Using the ALTER TABLE SHRINK SPACE command to perform a segment shrink
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You can also use an explicit target to set attributes at the assembly and module level, by using the assembly and module target names. (Assemblies and modules were explained in 10.) Some important points about assembly-level attributes are the following: Assembly-level attributes must be placed outside any namespace scope and are usually placed in the AssemblyInfo.cs file. The AssembyInfo.cs file usually contains metadata about the company, product, and copyright information. The following are lines from an AssemblyInfo.cs file: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly:
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You finished working on the pivot chart, and you would like to remove it from the workbook and create a different pivot chart from the data. This problem is based on the Sales10.xlsx sample file.
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16.WebRole Node
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