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If you look at the following code, you ll see that when you supply the type name at the beginning of the declaration, you are supplying information that the compiler should already be able to infer from the right side of the initialization. In the first variable declaration, the compiler can infer that 15 is an int. In the second declaration, the object-creation expression on the right side returns an object of type MyExcellentClass. So in both cases, including the explicit type name at the beginning of the declaration is redundant. static void Main( ) { int total = 15; MyExcellentClass mec = new MyExcellentClass(); ... } Starting with C# 3.0 you can use the new keyword var in place of the explicit type name at the beginning of the variable declaration, as follows: static void Main( ) { Keyword var total = 15; var mec = new MyExcellentClass(); ... } The var keyword does not signal a special kind of variable. It s just syntactic shorthand for whatever type can be inferred from the initialization on the right side of the statement. In the first declaration, it is shorthand for int. In the second, it is shorthand for MyExcellentClass. The preceding code segment with the explicit type names and the code segment with the var keywords are semantically equivalent. Some important conditions on using the var keyword are the following: You can use it only with local variables not with fields. You can use it only when the variable declaration includes an initialization. Once the compiler infers the type of a variable, it is fixed and unchangeable.
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Use the SqlConnection class. Use an App.config file, and read the contents using the ConfigurationManager class. Use the SqlCommand class. Use the DataSet class, and fill it using a SqlDataAdapter. Call the AsEnumerable method on Data objects to make them suitable LINQ data sources, and then perform LINQ queries as usual. Make changes to the DataRow objects contained in the DataSet DataTables, and call the SqlDataAdapter.Update method to update the database.
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In the preceding examples, you saw the use of the summary XML tag. There are also a number of other tags that C# recognizes. Table 25-3 lists some of the most important. Table 25-3. Documentation Code XML Tags
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CustomerName: string CustomerAddress1: string CustomerAddress2: string CustomerCity: string CustomerState: string CustomerZip: string CustomerContactName: string CustomerContactPhone: string OrderedItemProductNumber: string OrderedItemProductQuantity: int OrderedItemProductPrice: decimal
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may be used to view these blocks. In general, you will find no more than about six versions of a block in the cache at any point in time, but these versions can be used by any query that needs them. It is generally these small hot tables that run into the issue of inflated I/Os due to read consistency. Other queries most often affected by this issue are long-running queries against volatile tables. The longer they run, the longer they run, because over time they may have to perform more work to retrieve a block from the buffer cache.
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public static readonly DependencyProperty WidthProperty; By convention, dependency properties end with the word Property, and this is adhered to throughout Silverlight. Notice that it is marked public while this is also a convention, there is no compelling reason to not expose it publicly. The dependency property should be just as visible as the .NET property wrapper. The .NET property provides a shortcut, hiding the fact that there is an underlying dependency property, since it wraps the calls to GetValue and SetValue. public double Width { get { return (double) this.GetValue(WidthProperty); } set { base.SetValue(WidthProperty, value); } } Simply declaring the dependency property is not enough it must be registered with the dependency property system using the DependencyProperty.Register static method. The Register method takes the following parameters: public static DependencyProperty Register( string name, Type propertyType, Type ownerType, PropertyMetadata typeMetadata Although you won t do much with it for now, let s create a new dependency property named TextSize in the MainPage.xaml.cs file. Add the following code to the class: public static readonly DependencyProperty TextSizeProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("TextSize", typeof(double), typeof(MainPage), new PropertyMetadata(new PropertyChangedCallback(onTextSizeChanged))); public double TextSize { get { return ((double)this.GetValue(TextSizeProperty)); } set { this.SetValue(TextSizeProperty, value); } } The name of the dependency property (passed as the first parameter to Register) does not need to have Property appended to it this convention holds only for the actual field name in the class. Now you have a new dependency property that can be used for data binding or any of the other various sources that can modify dependency property values. There is one other useful aspect of dependency properties: property change notifications. This ability to capture property changes is vital for validating a property value at the last possible moment. This is useful for scenarios such as a progress bar, where there is a clear minimum and maximum value, and values greater than or less than these values should be constrained to their respective endpoints.
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{ ... } { ... }
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Is Entered, the Stack
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You can also create an instance of a struct without using the new operator. If you do this, however, there are some restrictions, which are the following: You cannot use the value of a data member until you have explicitly set it. You cannot call any function member of the struct until all the data members have been assigned.
After you save the XML Schema, run it through the xjc tool to generate the associated Java classes.
Figure 16-43. Export the SketchFlow application to Word.
The main() routine of the class here demonstrates the use of the XMLResourceBundleControl. You have to pass an instance of the class to the getBundle() method of ResourceBundle to tell the system that the default way of loading resource bundles ain t happening. Once you ve gotten the bundle, its usage is the same as for a ListResourceBundle or a PropertyResourceBundle. The XML file to demonstrate the XMLResourceBundleControl is shown in Listing 2-10.
Before you can perform any of these customizations, however, you will first need to download and install the Visual Studio SDK. Extensions in VS2010 make heavy use of a new technology called MEF. Before we create any customizations we need to understand a bit about MEF.
In this chapter, we explored the different kinds of arrays that C# supports and the features that each kind has to offer. The most commonly used is the single-dimensional array that dominates this chapter. This kind of array allows you group together related objects in a simple and efficient way. We also looked at multidimensional arrays, which can be used to express more complex relationships between objects. They are less frequently used and can become complex and confusing to use as the number of dimensions increases. We saw how arrays of all types can be used, enumerated, and populated, as well as how to use the members inherited from the System.Array class to perform common array-related tasks.
The first method creates a matrix holding a translation, where you can define how much you want to move your model in the X, Y, and Z directions. The second method allows you to scale your model, while the last method returns a matrix holding a rotation around the x-, y-, or z-axis, respectively. You can combine multiple transformations by multiplying their matrices, but you have to multiply them in the correct order, as shown in this recipe.
Now we ll run this code repeatedly with different inputs and review the resulting TKPROF file. We ll run with 10,000 row inserts committing 1 row at a time, then 10, and so on. The resulting TKPROF files produced the results in Table 9-1. Table 9-1. Results from Inserting 10,000 Rows
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