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After implementing the framework to support this 5-layer architecture, I ll create a sample application with three different interfaces: Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Web Services. This will give you the opportunity to see firsthand how the framework supports the following models: High-scalability smart client Optimal performance web client Optimal performance web service Due to the way the framework is implemented, switching to any of the other models just discussed will require only configuration file changes. The result is that you can easily adapt your application to any of the physical configurations without having to change your code.
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When you have an ON DELETE CASCADE and have not indexed the child table. For example, EMP is child of DEPT. DELETE FROM DEPT WHERE DEPTNO = 10 should cascade to EMP. If DEPTNO in EMP is not indexed, you will get a full table scan of EMP. This full scan is probably undesirable, and if you delete many rows from the parent table, the child table will be scanned once for each parent row deleted. When you query from the parent to the child. Consider the EMP/DEPT example again. It is very common to query the EMP table in the context of a DEPTNO. If you frequently query
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Often, you may need to copy or join arrays when working on a hardware-dependent platform. Since byte arrays are probably most frequently used to exchange data over streams or to access hardware components, the .NET Micro Framework delivers auxiliary functions particularly optimized for byte arrays. It is always more efficient to use these already implemented system methods of the base class library, instead of copying the data manually in a loop, since these built-in routines execute optimized native code on the microprocessor. In the Utility class in the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware namespace in the Microsoft.SPOT. Native.dll assembly, you can find the CombineArrays method, a special method for combining byte arrays. There are two overloads of the method. One is for joining two complete arrays, and one combines subranges. Listing 4-13 demonstrates the usage of the utility methods for joining byte arrays. Listing 4-13. Using the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Utility Class to Combine Byte Arrays using System; using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware; namespace ArraySample {
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Figure 5-10. Import certificate using certmgr.exe Click the Windows Start button and type mmc in the search bar to find the utility program mmc.exe, and bring up the snap-in management console. From the File menu, select the certmgr.msc certificate management snap-in.
It starts right out by checking to see if the business object is a subclass of BusinessBase. If the object is a subclass, then it is casted to type Csla.Core.BusinessBase so the object s state can easily be checked: if (obj is Core.BusinessBase) { Core.BusinessBase busObj = (Core.BusinessBase)obj; if (busObj.IsDeleted) { if (!busObj.IsNew) { // tell the object to delete itself MethodCaller.CallMethod( busObj, "DataPortal_DeleteSelf"); } // mark the object as new MethodCaller.CallMethodIfImplemented( busObj, "MarkNew"); } else { if (busObj.IsNew) { // tell the object to insert itself MethodCaller.CallMethod( busObj, "DataPortal_Insert"); } else
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