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Testing the Animation
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A string of hexadecimal digits. The hex digits A through F will match the case of the specifier. Precision specifier: The minimum number of digits to use in the output string. If the number has fewer digits, it will be padded with 0s on the left. Sample: Console.WriteLine("{0 :x}", 180026); Output: 2bf3a
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Understanding the relationship between C# and the .NET Framework makes learning C# easier. This relationship is shown at a high-level in Figure 3-1.
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As with Private backing fields, four methods get and set managed property values while converting the value to different types. The syntax is similar to what you ve already seen: Private Shared CategoryProperty As PropertyInfo(Of CategoryEnum) = _ RegisterProperty(New PropertyInfo(Of CategoryEnum)("Category")) Public Property Category() As String Get Return GetPropertyConvert(Of CategoryEnum, String)(CategoryProperty) End Get Set(ByVal value As String) SetPropertyConvert(Of CategoryEnum, String)(CategoryProperty, value) End Set End Property Again, rather than calling GetProperty() or SetProperty(), similar methods are called such as GetPropertyConvert(). These methods take two type parameters; the first is the type of the field value, and the second is the type of the property. The GetPropertyConvert() overload looks like this:
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COM Callable Wrappers
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Comparing Data
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Factory Methods
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Table 6-4. Functional Areas Implemented in BusinessBase
The Eyedropper tool, shown in Figure 2-10, is a very handy tool for selecting colors. The Eyedropper tool will select any color that is directly underneath it, whether it be a color of a vector shape or a bitmap image. I rarely use the Eyedropper tool from the toolbar, because the same tool can be found on the Brushes palette, which is much handier to use. I will discuss this more in later chapters, but for now just be aware that it exists.
As we ll see in this book, latches are a type of lightweight lock. Locks are serialization devices. Serialization devices inhibit concurrency. Applications that inhibit concurrency are less scalable, can support fewer users, and require more resources. Our goal is always to build applications that have the potential to scale ones that can service one user as well as 1,000 or 10,000. The less latching we incur in our approaches, the better off we will be. I might choose an approach that takes longer to run on the wall clock but that uses 10 percent of the latches. I know that the approach that uses fewer latches will scale substantially better than the approach that uses more latches. Runstats is best used in isolation; that is, on a single-user database. We will be measuring statistics and latching (locking) activity that result from our approaches. We do not want other sessions to contribute to the system s load or latching while this is going on. A small test database is perfect for these sorts of tests. I frequently use my desktop PC or laptop, for example.
Silverlight developers are in for a treat with the latest version of Silverlight which offers the ability to run your applications offline, deep linking for content and much more.
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