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Dynamic Root List
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Using an Iterator to Create an Enumerator
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In recent years, Netflix has grown to become a leading source of video rentals for consumers. Most recently, Netflix added video streaming of content delivered wirelessly to computers and other set-top boxes for your TV.
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The following code demonstrates the #if...#elif...#else construct. The string containing the description of the version of the program is set to various values, depending on which compilation symbol is defined. #define DemoVersionWithoutTimeLimit ... const int intExpireLength = 30; string strVersionDesc = null; int intExpireCount = 0; #if DemoVersionWithTimeLimit intExpireCount = intExpireLength; strVersionDesc = "This version of Supergame Plus will expire in 30 days";
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Note The following vertex shader (except the ScreenPos line) is the most basic 3D vertex shader, because
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Figure 7-12. The Postage navigation bar with forward and backward navigation steps
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Summary of Constructors and Destructors
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The WebServicesProxy calls a web service, implemented in the Csla.Server.Hosts. WebServicePortal class. Unlike the other server-side host classes, this one doesn t implement IDataPortalServer. The interface exposed by the web service is quite different from IDataPortalServer, because the web service accepts and returns byte arrays rather than native .NET types. You ve already seen how the WebServicesProxy manually serializes and deserializes the data sent to and from the web service. Now let s look at the other end of the process. The same Serialize() and Deserialize() helper methods are used on the server too, as you can see in the Fetch() implementation: <WebMethod()> _ Public Function Fetch(ByVal requestData As Byte()) As Byte() Dim request As FetchRequest = _ DirectCast(Deserialize(requestData), FetchRequest) Dim portal As New Server.DataPortal Dim result As Object Try result = portal.Fetch(request.Criteria, request.Context) Catch ex As Exception result = ex End Try Return Serialize(result) End Function The method accepts a byte array as a parameter, which is immediately deserialized to create a server-side copy of the FetchRequest object created on the client: Dim request As FetchRequest = _ DirectCast(Deserialize(requestData), FetchRequest)
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<ajaxToolkit:NumericUpDownExtender ID="NumericUpDownExtender1" runat="server" TargetControlID="TextBox1" Width="120" RefValues="" ServiceDownMethod="" ServiceUpMethod="" TargetButtonDownID="" TargetButtonUpID="" Minimum = "1" Maximum = "7" />
The left part of Figure 5-12 shows the ray that is coming from your camera and intersects both triangles at the dots. Focus on the dot that indicates the intersection between the ray and the front triangle. When you follow the vertices of the front triangle in increasing order (going from 0 to 1 to 2), you will see you are making a clockwise rotation around the dot. As a result, XNA will render this triangle. Now focus on the intersection dot between the ray and the back triangle. When you follow the vertices of the back triangle in increasing order (going from 6 to 7 to 8), you will be making a counterclockwise rotation. So, XNA will be culling this triangle away, which is excellent because it s on the back side of the cube and will be hidden by the front face! The right part of Figure 5-12 shows the same cube, rotated for 180 degrees, so the front and back faces have changed places. The camera has remained on this side of the page. Now if you follow vertices 6 to 7 to 8, you are making a clockwise rotation around the eye ray. This time, your graphics card will draw this triangle and cull away the other one! It s exactly as it should be. This is the way your graphics card knows which triangles to cull away. Culling away triangles that are not facing the camera can vastly improve the rendering performance of your application and is activated by default.
In your pivot table, the Product field is in the Row Labels area and UnitsSold is in the Values area. Frequently, you want to view a summary for two or three of the products, and you d like a quick way to hide the other products. This problem is based on the sample file FoodSales.xlsx.
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