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It is possible to remove an item from the collection. The basic process is handled automatically by the BindingList(Of T) base class. However, there are some complications that must be handled by BusinessListBase. Specifically, any LINQ to CSLA index must be updated, and there s interaction with the n-level undo behaviors, discussed in 13. This last point about n-level undo is the most complex. If changes to a collection can be rolled back, any removed items must be restored and any newly added items removed. I ll leave detailed discussions of LINQ to CSLA and n-level undo to their respective chapters. For now it is enough to know that the RemoveItem() method, which is a protected method provided by BindingList(Of T), is invoked when a child item is to be removed. This method contains important code necessary for both LINQ to CSLA and n-level undo. You should now have an understanding about how an editable collection provides not only the same parent functionality as an editable object but how it handles the child PropertyChanged events and must interact with the LINQ to CSLA and n-level undo functionality.
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Tip Like conditions, methods and properties of objects used in rules must be static.
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The idea of basing application analysis around the UI came into vogue in the early-to-mid 1990s with the rise of rapid application development (RAD) tools such as Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and
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You can use conditional formatting to highlight cells in the Row Labels area. Follow these steps to highlight Row Labels where the date is in the current month. 1. In the pivot table, select the Row Labels with dates you want to format. 2. On the Ribbon, click the Home tab, and then in the Styles group, click Conditional Formatting. 3. In the list of conditional formatting options, click Highlight Cells Rules, and then click A Date Occurring. 4. In the date range drop-down, select This Month, and then click the arrow to open the formatting drop-down list. 5. Select one of the formatting options, or create a Custom Format, and then click OK to close the A Date Occurring dialog box. The dates from the current month are highlighted, and will stand out in the report when you open the workbook. Because the conditional formatting (This Month) is dynamic, the highlight changes each month when you open the workbook.
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Explicit Conversion and the Cast Operator
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Actually, we can. The combined identification entity, referred to as a token, is used in all metadata APIs and in all IL instructions. A token is a 4-byte unsigned integer whose most significant byte carries a zero-based table index (the same as the internal metadata RID type). The remaining 3 bytes are left for the RID. There is a significant difference between token types and internal metadata RID types, however: whereas internal RID types cover all metadata tables, the token types are defined for only a limited subset of the tables, as noted in Table 5-9. Table 5-9. Token Types and Their Referenced Tables
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Behaviors are enormously powerful and immensely useful aspects of the Atlas framework that you can use to give your applications more sophisticated GUIs but keep them easy to develop and maintain. You looked at how to use the click behavior to add click event handling to elements that may not normally have this, enable more complex functionality to be implemented on simple elements such as <div> tags, and make them clickable without needing to use buttons or custom JavaScript hyperlink workarounds. Next, you looked at the behaviors that allow for mouse hovering and hot tracking. This allows you to update your UI or implement features such as tooltips that improve the user experience upon hovering over various elements of the page. You saw how you can use these behaviors to trigger style updates or implement custom actions. You used this to implement a pop-up menu that contained a list of hyperlinks. You could use such functionality to implement custom smart tags on your pages, context menus, or more. Finally, you extended on the floatingWindow behavior that was used for the pop-up menu to learn how easy it is to implement panes that can be dragged and dropped across your page. Ultimately, behaviors give you the facility to implement complex GUI functionality without explicitly coding it. As you progress through this book, you will see where the behaviors are used extensively to empower the GUI.
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Creating Instances of a Derived Type
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Csla Csla.Core Csla.Data
You can also explicitly label attributes to apply to a particular target construct. To use an explicit target, place the target type, followed by a colon, at the beginning of the attribute section. For example, the following code decorates the method with an attribute, and also applies an attribute to the return value. Explicit target [method: MyAttribute("Prints out a message.", "Version 3.6")] [return: MyAttribute("This value represents ...", "Version 2.3")] public long ReturnSetting() { ... The C# language defines ten standard attribute targets, which are listed in Table 24-3. Most of the target names are self-explanatory, but type covers classes, structs, delegates, enums, and interfaces. The typevar target name specifies type parameters to constructs that use generics. Table 24-3. Attribute Targets
// True, both operand expressions are true // False, second operand expression is false // True, both operand expressions are true // True, first operand expression is true // False, both operand expressions are false // Set bVal to true. // bVal is now false.
Child Object Creation
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