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Using the Value of a Variable
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Sometimes, entries that look like numbers are not recognized as real numbers by Excel. The numbers may have been copied or imported from another program, and they are text values instead of real numbers. A quick way to test if the numbers are being recognized is to select two or more cells that contain numbers. Then, look in the status bar, at the bottom of the Excel window, to see if the numbers show a Sum (see Figure 5-2). If only the Count is displayed in the status bar, the numbers are stored as text.
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One thing you ve probably noticed by now in our Atom class is there are a lot of methods that begin with Get and Set to capture the has-a relationship between an object and the properties of the object. Some of the C++/CLI features were added simply to capture such commonly used patterns in the language. Doing this helps standardize common coding practices, which can help in making code more readable. Language features in C++/CLI supporting the has-a relationship include properties and events.
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is very powerful, and most applications won t be adversely affected by this use of reflection. In the end, whether you decide to use these rule methods or not is up to you.
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Increment the value of the variable by one and save it. Return the new value of the variable. Increment the value of the variable by one and save it. Return the old value of the variable before it was incremented. Decrement the value of the variable by one and save it. Return the new value of the variable. Decrement the value of the variable by one and save it. Return the old value of the variable before it was decremented.
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The preceding code snippet uses the AlwaysVisibleControlExtender to pin down a Label control to the top right of the screen. When scrolling down to see if there are pages of content below it, you would notice that this Label control is static in its top-right corner of the page position as shown in Figure 7-3.
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Create a dedicated business assembly that implements logic for established interfaces and type definitions. This business assembly must reference the
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Figure 9-8. Rotating a rectangle about its default center and true center You can rotate in a clockwise direction by using a positive angle (in degrees) between 0 and 360. If you want to rotate counterclockwise, you can specify a negative angle. Angles greater than 360 or less than 360 are valid, but they wrap around the circle. For example, a rotation by 405 degrees has the same result as rotating by 45 degrees, since 405 is equal to 360 (one full rotation) plus 45. Again, we specify the rectangle s RenderTransform. We will rotate the rectangle on the screen by 45 degrees.
Use the Proxy Class Generated by WSE
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