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One of the more prevalent patterns out on the Web is the publish-subscribe pattern (also known as pub/sub). In this chapter s scenarios, Acme has asked you to deliver the pub/sub pattern. After hours of research, you come to the realization that you re simply going to push (publish) your generated file (message) out to a flat file location that JoeBobs application server has rights to access. JoeBobs server has a process running that monitors (subscribes to) the file folder, as shown in Figure 5-7. When a message appears, they ll pick it up and run with it. We ll use this particular pattern in a few examples throughout the course of the book, as it is the easiest and fastest to implement.
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I ll use the ClientContext to illustrate the solution. The context dictionary will be stored in either HttpContext or thread-local storage, based on the environment within which the code is running. And because this code may run in a multithreaded environment, it must employ locking to ensure thread safety. First, there s the public property that exposes the value: private static object _syncClientContext = new object(); private const string _clientContextName = "Csla.ClientContext"; public static ContextDictionary ClientContext { get { lock (_syncClientContext) { ContextDictionary ctx = GetClientContext(); if (ctx == null) { ctx = new ContextDictionary(); SetClientContext(ctx); } return ctx; } } }
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Using Inheritance in JavaScript
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To demonstrate, Listing 10-7 creates a processor that lists the annotations in the classes specified. This is where new the annotations of the javax.annotation.processing package are used: SupportedSourceVersion, SupportedAnnotationTypes, and SupportedOptions. The source version is specified by one of the constants of the SourceVersion enumeration of the java.lang.model package. The SupportedAnnotationTypes annotation is just like the supportedAnnotationTypes() method of the JDK 5.0 processor factory, and the SupportedOptions annotation mirrors supportedOptions(). When not specified, it defaults to returning an empty set.
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else outValue = max.ToString(format); e.Description = String.Format( Resources.StringMaxLengthRule, RuleArgs.GetPropertyName(e), outValue); return false; } return true; } This is similar to the StringRequired() rule method, except that it casts the RuleArgs parameter to the DecoratedRuleArgs type so that it can retrieve the MaxLength value. That value is then compared to the length of the specified property from the target object to see if the rule is broken or not.
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Figure 7-5. Demonstrating mouse-wheel support
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Caching the Project Object in Session
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interface MyQueries extends BaseQuery { @Select("select id, first, last from students") DataSet<Student> getAllStudents(); @Update("delete * from students") int deleteAllStudents(); }
Static Constructors
A design pattern refers to a reusable solution to a software design problem. Patterns have been used successfully in various industries for years. Applied to software, they enable us to apply tested development techniques to solve various problems that we encounter in software development. MVVM (which stands for Model-View-ViewModel) is one of those patterns; it separates what we see, the View, from how we get the data, our Model. The ViewModel is the glue that ties it all together.
have a start date, but no end date. When the project is complete, the project manager can enter an end date. These dates will be used to report on the average lengths of the projects, so obviously the end date can t be earlier than the start date. Every project also has a list of the resources assigned to it (see the Assigning a Resource section later in this chapter).
String.Concat() and String.Join() support IEnumerable<T>
By specifying the same x coordinate for the gradient start and end colors, you achieve a vertical color gradient, as illustrated in Figure 11-7. Using the same y coordinate for start and end colors, you will produce a horizontal color gradient. The gradient start and end coordinates are specified as screen coordinates, and they can lie outside of the rectangle. This causes the system to produce a color gradient starting at the start point with the start color and ending at the end point with the end color but showing only the part within your rectangle.
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