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Car myCar = (Car)myObject; // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The code in Listing 6-23 creates a Bicycle object and implicitly upcasts it to System.Object. The result of the implicit cast is then used in an explicit cast to the Car type. Car is not the declared type or one of the base types of the object, so the runtime doesn t know how to perform the cast operation. If we compile and run the code in Listing 6-23, we get the following results: Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Bicycle' to type 'Car'. at Listing 23.Main(String[] args) in C:\ Listing 22\Listing 22.cs:line 35 This is an exception telling us that you can t cast from Bicycle to Car. Exceptions are the C# mechanism for creating and handling errors and are covered in 14. The C# compiler tries to minimize problems with explicit casting by refusing to compile statements between types that are not related. In Listing 6-23, we were trying to downcast from object to Car. This might of worked because Car is derived from object. If you were to try to cast from and to types that the compiler can tell are unrelated, then you ll get an error when you try to compile your code. Here s an example: // create an instance of Bicycle Bicycle myBike = new Bicycle("Adam Freeman", 24, "Comfort"); // perform an explicit cast to Car Car myCar = (Car)myBike; The cast in this statement will never work, and the compiler can tell because the type of the object and the target type in the cast operation are unrelated.
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Retrieve data from a server.
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This statement says assign the current value of x to y and then increment x. If the value of x is 0 before this statement is executed, y has a value of 0 and x has a value of 1 afterward. If you don t assign the result of the postfix increment operator to a variable, then the result is to increment the value of the numeric type, for example:
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Defining a TypeWriter Capable of Serializing an Object of the MapData Class
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It is quite possible to reload PTPrincipal and PTIdentity from the security database on every page request. Remember that the ASP .NET security cookie contains the username value, and you already know that the user was authenticated. All you would need is another stored procedure in the database that returns the user information based on username alone; no password would be provided or checked. Similarly, another static method like Login() would be implemented in PTPrincipal to load the objects based only on the username value. There are two drawbacks to this. First, reloading this data from the security database on every page request could cause a serious performance issue. The security database could get overloaded with all the requests. Second, there s an obvious security risk in implementing methods that allow loading user identities without having to supply the password. While that functionality wouldn t
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MemberRef; RID Type: 10; Token Type: 0x0A000000; MD Streams: #~, #-
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Using Class Members
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Since the main interface allows users to swipe from resort to resort, I wanted each one to have a self-contained feel. I decided to go with the floating box, as I like to call it, much like the default Weather application or any Dashboard application, for each resort s view. The logo definitely had to be in there, and it fit very well, using the shape of the background mountain artwork, when I attached it to the top of the frame.
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