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Base Class
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Figure 6-9. Binding to String indexer
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Server-Side Host Objects
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Figure 10-16. Formula used with easing function to get property value Ease-out and ease-in/out are manipulations of the core easing function and thus can be derived from the ease-in function. Easing out inverts both the domain and the range, as shown in Figure 10-17. Easing in and out is an ease-in for half the time of the animation followed by an ease-out, forming one continuous function. It is described by the function shown in Figure 10-18.
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Addition of the RichTextArea Control
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If the preview doesn t show, you may have this feature turned off in the Excel Options. To turn the Tip
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The purpose of an attribute is to tell the compiler to emit a certain set of metadata about a program construct to the assembly. You do this by applying the attribute to the construct. You apply an attribute by placing an attribute section immediately before the construct. An attribute section consists of square brackets enclosing an attribute name and sometimes a parameter list.
Context and Location Transparency
Handling the Exception
Understanding how Styles work with ControlTemplates Understanding ControlTemplates Creating a Button ControlTemplate Creating Styles and using them to override default Silverlight styles Using Styles to mandate how controls display their content Using ResourceDictionaries Applying Resources to Silverlight controls Using Styles and ControlTemplates to create your own custom Silverlight UserControls Creating and using custom UserControls Using DependencyProperties and custom DependencyProperties
actions. Animations are also used in Silverlight applications where users have higher expectations of the gloss and polish given to an interface. We ll see more of Silverlight in 35. The WPF animation capabilities are very comprehensive, but in this section, I ll just show you some very simple animations that change the size of a button. You can define WPF animations entirely in XAML, but we ll use the more compact C# alternative.
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