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The CslaActionExtender component will work with a BindingSource hierarchy where the root business object is a type of either BusinessBase or BusinessListBase, so it can indeed save you a lot of code and provide for an even cleaner UI. The following is a sample of a form s code that uses the CslaActionExtender component to act upon an order object and its children: Public Partial Class OrderMaint Inherits Form Public Sub New() InitializeComponent() End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal orderId As Guid) InitializeComponent() _order = Order.GetOrderWithDetail(orderId) BindUI() End Sub
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A TX lock is acquired when a transaction initiates its first change, and it is held until the transaction performs a COMMIT or ROLLBACK. It is used as a queuing mechanism so that other sessions can wait for the transaction to complete. Each and every row you modify or SELECT FOR UPDATE in a transaction will point to an associated TX lock for that transaction. While this sounds expensive, it is not. To understand why this is, you need a conceptual understanding of where locks live and how they are managed. In Oracle, locks are stored as an attribute of the data (see 10 Database Tables for an overview of the Oracle block format). Oracle does not have a traditional lock manager that keeps a long list of every row that is locked in the system. Many other databases do it that way because, for them, locks are a scarce resource, the use of which needs to be monitored. The more locks are in use, the more these systems have to manage, so it is a concern in these systems if too many locks are being used. In a database with a traditional memory-based lock manager, the process of locking a row would resemble the following: 1. 2. 3. Find the address of the row you want to lock. Get in line at the lock manager (which must be serialized, as it is a common inmemory structure). Lock the list.
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Managed Extensions Syntax (/clr:oldSyntax Compiler Option)
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This method is invoked on all objects after any of the preceding methods have been invoked. This method is invoked on an object if an exception occurs on the server; in this case, DataPortal_ OnDataPortalInvokeComplete would not typically be invoked.
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Object Persistence and Object-Relational Mapping
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The data portal provides a single point of entry and configuration for the server. It manages communication with the business objects while they re on the server running their data access code. Additionally, the data portal concept provides the following other key benefits: Centralized security when calling the application server A consistent object persistence mechanism (all objects persist the same way) Abstraction of the network transport between client and server (enabling support for remoting, Web Services, Enterprise Services, and future protocols) One point of control to toggle between running the data access code locally and via remoting The data portal functionality is designed in several parts, as shown in Table 2-3. Table 2-3. Parts of the Data Portal Concept
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Silverlight 3 (such as Netflix video player) and prior versions, it will continue working in your machine using Silverlight 4 runtime engine.
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Code Coverage and Instrumentation
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Loading the User Control
Types are created using a type declaration, which includes the following information: The kind of type you are creating The name of the new type A declaration (name and specification) of each of the type s members except for array and delegate types, which do not have named members Once you have declared a type, you can create and use objects of the type just as if they were predefined types. But whereas using predefined types is a one-step process in which you simply instantiate the objects, using user-defined types is a two-step process. You first declare the type and then instantiate objects of the type. This is illustrated in Figure 3-5.
Figure 18-12. Converting a float or a double to an integer type
I do not know if you noticed but once you created a new State, Blend placed a red line around your workspace to indicate that any action you perform on any FrameworkElement on the workspace is being recorded. I didn t have you perform any actions because you can simply click on a State anytime to start recording your actions.
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