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Implementing an Interface
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5-6. Enable Backface Culling: What It Is and What It Can Do for You
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Session 2
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Figure 6-41. The breadcrumb control.
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database where SYSTEM is locally managed, it s that they simply can t be created. If they can t be created, why would we need to support them The answer lies in the transportable tablespace feature. You can transport a dictionary-managed tablespace into a database with a SYSTEM tablespace that is locally managed. You can plug that tablespace in and have a dictionary-managed tablespace in your database, but you can t create one from scratch in that database.
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Is there an issue with significant wait time on wait events, and is the wait time concentrated in one or two wait classes (Concurrency, User I/O, and so forth) If that is the case, capture delta values of session-level wait events (V$SESSION_EVENT) to determine the sessions that contributed the most significant portion of each wait event. The Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide for 11g book from the Oracle documentation library contains a helpful trouble resolution procedure for many of the most common wait event types. If the wait time is present mostly in one or two sessions, remotely enable a 10046 trace for the sessions to determine the contributing causes for the wait time. If, for instance, the most significant wait times are for enqueue-type wait events (enqueue, enq: TM contention, enq: TX row lock contention, enq: HW contention, and so forth), see the upcoming section, Investigating Enqueue Waits. If the wait time is spread among several sessions, collect a Statspack or AWR report to determine the next troubleshooting step.
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Managed EH Block Exiting Instructions
public class AddressTableService : DataTableService { /// </summary> public AddressTableService() { _dataTableContext = new AddressTableContext(base._account); dataTableContext.RetryPolicy = RetryPolicies.RetryN(Convert.ToInt32( ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Retry"]), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)); } public IEnumerable<Address> Select() { if (null == _dataTableContext || null == (_dataTableContext as AddressTableContext)) { return null; } var results = from a in (_dataTableContext as AddressTableContext).AddressTable select a; if (0 == (results as DataServiceQuery<Address>).ToArray<Address>().Count<Address>()) { return null; } TableStorageDataServiceQuery<Address> query = new TableStorageDataServiceQuery<Address>( results as DataServiceQuery<Address>); IEnumerable<Address> queryResults = query.ExecuteAllWithRetries(); return queryResults; }
import java.io.*; import java.net.*; import java.util.*; public class ListCookieHandler extends CookieHandler {
A third possibility, shown in Figure 2-15, could be to display the name of the feed in focus above the icon row, much like the dock in Mac OS X. But this layout is a little bit busy, takes up more vertical space, duplicates information, and is perhaps not very pretty. This solution isn t good either.
Step 4: Implement the Business Interface in the Web Service
Global fields can have public, private, or privatescope accessibility flags at least that s what the metadata validity rules say. As you saw in 1, however, a global item (a field or a method) can have any accessibility flag, and the loader interprets this flag only as assembly, private, or privatescope. The public, assembly, and famorassem flags are all interpreted as assembly, while the family, famandassem, and private flags are all interpreted as private. The global fields cannot be accessed from outside the assembly, so they don t have true public accessibility. And as no type can be derived from <Module>, the question about family-related accessibility is moot. Global fields can be accessed from anywhere within the module, regardless of their declared accessibility. In this regard, the classes that are declared within a module and use the global fields have the same access rights as if they were nested in the module. The metadata contains no indications of such nesting, of course. A reference to a global field declared in the same module has no <class_ref>:: part: <global_field_ref> ::= [field] <field_type> <field_name> The keyword field is used in particular cases when the nature of the reference cannot be inferred from the context, for example in the ldtoken instruction. A reference to a global field declared in a different module of the assembly also lacks the class name but has resolution scope: <global_field_ref> ::= [field] [.module <mod_name>]::<field_ name> The following are two examples of such declarations: ldsfld int32 globalInt // field globalInt from this module ldtoken field int32 [.module supporting.dll]::globalInt // globalInt from other module Since the global fields are static, we cannot explicitly specify their layout except by mapping them to data. Thus, our 4-2-1-byte union MultiDword would look like this if we implemented it with global fields: .field public static uint32 dw at D_00 .field public static uint16 w1 at D_00 .field public static uint16 w2 at D_02 .field public static uint8 b1 at D_00 .field public static uint8 b2 at D_01 .field public static uint8 b3 at D_02 .field public static uint8 b4 at D_03 .data D_00 = int8(0) .data D_01 = int8(0) .data D_02 = int8(0) .data D_03 = int8(0) ... ldc.i1.1 stsfld uint8 b3 // Set value of third byte Fortunately, we don t have to do that every time we need a global union. Instead, we can declare the value type MultiDword exactly as before and then declare a global field of this type:
known, IL code verification procedures don t have to be performed. The instance constructor has no parameters. A module owning this attribute can be executed only in full-trust mode. System.ThreadStaticAttribute: This attribute, which can be owned by a field, indicates that the static field is not shared between threads. Instead, the common language runtime creates an individual copy of the static field for each thread. The effect is approximately the same as mapping the static field to the TLS data, but this effect is achieved on the level of the runtime rather than that of the operating system. The runtime-provided TLS is marginally slower but does not introduce the platform dependence.
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