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Definition A ruleset is a collection of business rule definitions that together serve to describe the full
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data to be flushed to disk or accessing those blocks. In a live system, it would be normal for at least some of the blocks to not be cleaned out sometimes. This behavior will most affect you after a large INSERT (as just demonstrated), UPDATE, or DELETE one that affects many blocks in the database (anything more than 10 percent of the size of the cache will definitely do it). You ll notice that the first query to touch the block after this will generate a little redo and dirty the block, possibly causing it to be rewritten if DBWR had already flushed it or the instance had been shut down, clearing out the buffer cache altogether. There is not too much you can do about it. It is normal and to be expected. If Oracle didn t do this deferred cleanout of a block, a COMMIT could take as long to process as the transaction itself. The COMMIT would have to revisit each and every block, possibly reading them in from disk again (they could have been flushed). If you are not aware of block cleanouts and how they work, they will be one of those mysterious things that just seem to happen for no reason. For example, say you UPDATE a lot of data and COMMIT. Now you run a query against that data to verify the results. The query appears to generate tons of write I/O and redo. It seems impossible if you are unaware of block cleanouts; it was to me the first time I saw it. You go and get someone to observe this behavior with you, but it is not reproducible as the blocks are now clean on the second query. You simply write it off as one of those database mysteries a mystery that only happens when you are alone. In an OLTP system, you ll probably never see a block cleanout happening, since those systems are characterized by small, short transactions that affect only a few blocks. By design, all or most of the transactions are short and sweet. Modify a couple of blocks and they all get cleaned out. In a warehouse where you make massive UPDATEs to the data after a load, block cleanouts may be a factor in your design. Some operations will create data on clean blocks. For example, CREATE TABLE AS SELECT, direct-path loaded data, and direct-path inserted data will all create clean blocks. An UPDATE, normal INSERT, or DELETE may create blocks that need to be cleaned with the first read. This could really affect you if your processing consists of Bulk-loading lots of new data into the data warehouse Running UPDATEs on all of the data you just loaded (producing blocks that need to be cleaned out) Letting people query the data
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Send a Stock Quote Request Using the SOAPSender
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4. Click OK, twice, to close the dialog boxes.
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Google Maps Search Tips You can enter just about anything in the search, including the following: First name, last name, or company name (to match your Contacts list) 123 Main Street, City (some or all of a street address) Orlando Airport (to find an airport) Plumber, painter, roofer (any part of a business name or trade) Golf courses + city (to find local golf courses) Movies + city or ZIP/postal code (to find local movie theaters) Pizza 32174 (to search for local pizza restaurants in ZIP Code 32174) 95014 (the ZIP code for Apple Computer headquarters in California, United States) Apress
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RID: GenericParam TypeDefOrRef
Note You can use the Curve class included in the XNA Framework to script complex camera paths, but
In this chapter, we looked at the DataSet class and its relationship with LINQ. If you want some of the convenience of a managed data environment but don t want the overhead of the Entity Framework, then the DataSet functionality may be of use, especially given the support for in-memory queries that comes with LINQ to DataSet. When using DataSet, you have to be much more aware of the structure and content of the database than when using an entity model, but in return you gain finer-grained control over the operations and queries that are performed. The approach that a project demands will depend on individual circumstances, but as you have seen from this and the preceding chapter, C# and .NET give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to working with databases.
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