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As you just saw in the previous section, the first parameter of every operator is a reference to an IEnumerable<T> object. The parameters following it can be of any type. Many operators take generic delegates as parameters. (Generic delegates were explained in 19.) The most important thing to recall about generic delegates as parameters is the following: Generic delegates are used to supply user-defined code to the operator.
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Classes and Structs
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private bool AddSoapMessageToQueue(SoapEnvelope message) { bool status = true; MessageQueue mq; // Verify that the Queue exists if (MessageQueue.Exists(@".\private$\wsmessaging")) { // Assign a reference to the queue mq = new MessageQueue(@".\private$\wsmessaging"); // Drop the incoming message to the queue mq.Send((SoapEnvelope)message, message.Context.Addressing.MessageID.Value.ToString()); } else { // Error condition if queue does not exist status = false; } return status; } } Notice that the Receive method formats an acknowledgment message that corresponds to a custom data type called AcknowledgeMessage, which is included in both the Web service XML schema file and client proxy class file, and is also shown in Listing 8-16. Listing 8-16. The AcknowledgeMessage Custom Data Type [System.Xml.Serialization.XmlTypeAttribute(Namespace= "")] public class AcknowledgeMessage { public bool AcceptedToQueue; } The sample project does not include code for processing the message because this is beyond what we are trying to show. If you open the message queue in the MMC console, you will see a new message in the queue. Figure 8-7 shows an example of what the message body looks like. The property page displays both the byte array and the readable message body. Notice the SOAP contents on the right side of the figure.
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Yes Yes No
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CHAPTER 2: Responsive Social Gaming with RESTful Web Services
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Note You can eliminate replay attacks by unauthorized clients by using an encrypted communication
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Note There is no designer for Windows Presentation Foundation, because the Visual C++ team is emphasizing the use of C++/CLI for interoperability rather than for creating new applications in managed code. Microsoft s recommended approach to producing Windows Presentation Foundation applications is to use C# or Visual Basic .NET for the user interface code and C++/CLI for the parts of the code that need to interoperate with native code.
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at the end, after the iisreset. It s not necessary but it can be helpful to go back and review the contents of the command window after the batch file has run. The first time I went through this I had forgotten to strongly name my assembly so it failed when install.bat tried to add it to the GAC. If I did not have the contents of the command window to go back through and review, I likely would have spent hours troubleshooting why my installation didn t work.
The FlashSectors property is a collection of FlashSector entries that describe the layout and purpose of the flash memory (see Listing 13-35).
int GetFrames( TIMEVALUE* tv ) { return (tv->tv_sec * FrameRateConstant) + (tv->tv_usec / OneFrameConstant.tv_usec); }
T[] dataArray = new T[10];
Figure 15-9. The return value of the last method executed is the value returned by the delegate.
Color Modulation
of the key things in security assessment is to not modify the database that is being assessed. Therefore, all the scripts have been designed to run with just three simple privileges: CREATE SESSION, SELECT ANY DICTIONARY, and SELECT ANY TABLE. The latter two privileges are dangerous because they allow access to system information and also potentially to any data within the business tables. Therefore, you should create a specific account to use for assessment of the database. This account should be created closely prior to the assessment and then should be removed immediately afterward. It is good practice not to run the types of queries shown in this chapter through normal DBA-type accounts or indeed to store the results on a DBA workstation. Imagine if you assessed hundreds of databases within your organization, including password cracking, and stored all of the results on your terminal. Your terminal would be a very valuable asset or target to somebody who wants to steal from your company.
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